Concert 20150620 Sublime with Rome

Sublime with Rome

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Sublime with Rome at Firefly 2015 (*
*Added 'House Party' to the setlist on 20150729.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
I looked at various Sublime with Rome setlists and they consistently consisted of Sublime covers with a couple of original Sublime with Rome songs thrown into the mix.

As such, I easily gave Sublime with Rome a 10 out of 10 for music (tied for second with Matt & Kim) and a 10 out of 10 for my desire to see them (second after Walk the Moon).

1) Intro
2) Date Rape (Sublime cover)

Eric Wilson
3) Smoke Two Joints (The Toyes cover)
4) Wrong Way (Sublime cover)
5) Garden Grove (Sublime cover)
6) Skankin' To The Beat (Fishbone cover)
-- crowd smells more like weed than any of the other crowds so far :p

7) Doin' Time (Sublime cover)
8) 40oz. to Freedom (Sublime cover)
9) April 29, 1992 (Miami) (Sublime cover) -- the crowd compresses (always an interesting effect)
10) House Party

11) Slow Ride (Sublime cover)
12) Lovers Rock
-- due to the upcoming thunderstorms, the Firefly Music Festival organizers prematurely ended all ongoing and upcoming shows; festival attendees were prompted to return to their vehicles

Rome Ramirez
Post-Festival Thoughts:
"Make some noise!" Rome would yell to the crowd every once in a while. It was a fun show.

Unfortunately, the premature end meant I wouldn't get to hear the band play 'Santeria' or 'What I Got' (both songs consistently show up during the encore for performances by Sublime with Rome).

Of course, the band seemed as surprised and disappointed as the crowd.

On the bright side, I figured at least I got to hear a good number of songs. In contrast, any Kings of Leon fan would end up missing Kings of Leon completely.

The sound is cut and presumably the band is being told about the mandatory evacuation.

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