Concert 20150620 Phoebe Ryan

Phoebe Ryan

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Phoebe Ryan at Firefly 2015 (*
*Created the setlist and added the four songs below to it.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Phoebe Ryan was added to the list of performing artists after The Preatures cancelled and I never got around to listening to Phoebe Ryan's music.

?+0) Chronic
?+1) Ignition / Do You... (Mashup)
?+2) Boys & Poison -- I wasn't sure if she was saying "Boys and" or "Poison", but apparently, she's saying "Boys and Poison." :p
?+3) Dead

Post-Festival Thoughts:
While I didn't think about it at the time, my friend brought up a good point: Phoebe Ryan's set at the Coffeehouse didn't have an acoustic feel to it.

In any case, Phoebe Ryan was one of the few artists I failed to listen to and rate prior to the festival.

Above Average: 'Mine', 'The Sound'
Slightly Above Average: 'Dead', 'We Won't', 'Chronic'
On The Fence: 'Ignition / Do You... (Mashup)', 'Homie', 'Boys & Poison'

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