Concert 20150620 Milo Greene

Milo Greene

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Milo Greene at Firefly 2015 (*
*Added the setlist below on 20150712.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
I thought it was interesting how four of the five band members contribute lead vocals.

Unfortunately, I had been in an upbeat mood at the time and some of Milo Greene's trackers were overly mellow for me (e.g., 'Silent Way' and 'Not Enough').

Excellent*: '1957' [2+]
Above Average: 'White Lies', 'Gramercy', 'On The Fence'
Slightly Above Average: ~

On The Fence: ~
*Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

1) White Lies
-- Last stop of their tour
2) Lie to Me

3) Cutty Love -- the guitarist to my right had a string break, not that I could hear the difference, but I could see it

4) Parents' House -- some feedback occasionally occurs
5) Heartless

-- been playing this song since the beginning:
6) 1957 -- she uses an acoustic guitar with "CONTROL" written on it (the name of their second and recent album release)

7) Not Enough
8) On The Fence
9) When It's Done

-- last song:
10) Lonely Eyes

Post-Festival Thoughts:
With various instrument switches and sharing lead vocal duties, Milo Greene proves to be a talented group of individuals.

While this is great from a musical standpoint, it's also great with respect to a live performance. Perhaps it is this variety that causes me to enjoy The Hunt's performance from yesterday, or San Fermin's performance from last year.

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