Concert 20150619 Wild Party

Wild Party

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*Confirmed correct on 20150703.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Their setlist is consistent and is composed of nine out of twelve songs from their 2014 album Phantom Pop. The lead singer's voice occasionally reminds me of Brandon Flowers's voice (Brandon Flowers is the lead singer of The Killers).

Prior to the festival, I rated Wild Party a decent 6 out of 10, a notch below The Hunts.

Excellent*: 'Chasin Honey' [2+]
Above Average: ~
Slightly Above Average: ~
*Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

1) Nicely Done
2) Lo-Fi Children -- I was close enough to the stage that the bass was loud and about halfway through this song I decided to wear my earplugs.
3) Connect The Dots
4) Life's Too Short

-- the guitarist asks the audience, "Who's a guitarist?", because his tuner was broken (the light wasn't working), and then apologized that his guitar would be out of tune
5) New Light
6) Chasin' Honey
7) When I Get Older
8) Outright

9) Take My Advice -- there were some technical difficulties partway into the song and so the lead singer stated they would start from the beginning, he said he would even bob his head again, and he did. lol

Post-Festival Thoughts:
The band's live performance has more energy going into it than you would gather from listening to their album.

The band's smaller, three-man set-up combined with the lead singer's energy partially brings Twenty One Pilots to mind.

Regardless, Wild Party's music as a whole still sits a notch below that of The Hunts.

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