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Walk the Moon

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Walk the Moon at Firefly 2015 (*
*Added 'Aquaman' and 'Lisa Baby' to the almost complete setlist.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
This year, for almost every artist set to perform at Firefly, I intently listened to a recent setlist (or recent album if no setlist was available) once through. Sometimes I passively listened to a set two or more times (by just letting the playlist cycle through).

However, for Walk the Moon, I actively listened to their recent setlist an extra two times, their self-titled debut album twice, and their recent album release about twenty times (I bought the CD and repeatedly listened to it in the car).

Walk the Moon was simply off the charts for me coming into the festival, earning 12 out of 10 for how much I like their music and 11 out of 10 for how much I want to see them. This placed them at the absolute top of the 117 artists I rated for Firefly 2015.

Switching guitars.
Excellent*: 'Shut Up and Dance'** [7+], 'Work This Body'** [5+], 'Portugal' [3+], 'Shiver Shiver'** [2+] -- I didn't realize they sing this song (Shiver Shiver), this band is just rocking it!, 'Anna Sun' [2+], 'Tightrope' [2+]
Above Average: 'Avalanche', 'Jenny', 'I Can Lift a Car', 'Sidekick', 'Come Under the Covers', 'Aquaman', 'Quesadilla'

Slightly Above Average: 'Different Colors', 'Down In the Dumps', 'We Are the Kids'
On The Fence: 'Up 2 U', 'Spend Your $$$'
*Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

**'Shut Up and Dance', 'Work This Body', and 'Shiver Shiver' are part of my best of the best Spotify lists. The only other Firefly 2015 songs with this trait (prior to the festival) are 'Boom Clap' (Charli XCX), 'Rather Be' (Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne), and 'Bright' (Echosmith).

-- the band enter to the Lion King song 'Circle of Life' and go straight into their first song:
Anna Sun
Different Colors

-- transitions from the previous song with two/three long strums of the guitar and then begins the piano riff
Up 2 U
Work This Body

-- asks everybody to move their arms and hands like sea anemone, setting the mood for this next song:
Lisa Baby

I Can Lift a Car
Shut Up and Dance -- lol, when I heard the band start the song with the chorus, I thought the album version started with a verse, but my friend said it was the way they performed it; so we made a bet for bragging rights and... she was right

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Walk the Moon was my favorite going into the festival and my favorite going out of the festival.

Of course, one reason I love them is for their musical consistency. While I certainly enjoy many songs that top the charts, there's only a select number of artists who have full albums that I would enjoy from start to finish.***

'I Can Lift A Car'
In addition, while I haven't met the members in person, their music videos (especially the WALK THE MOON presents 7in7) and their live performance have a feel-good attitude to them. It really keeps the energy going.

***Including honorable mentions, there are too many to name here and I'll have to make a separate post for it one day (hopefully, :D).

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