Concert 20150619 The Hunts

The Hunts

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The Hunts at Firefly 2015 (*
*Created the setlist on 20150703 (I also assumed they played 'Lifting The Sea' and 'Please Let It Go').

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
After listening to their songs, I wrote that I should probably try to see them if I can (e.g., if there were no schedule conflicts). With a rating of 7 out of 10, they made the cut for Top 20.

Excellent*: 'Make This Leap' [2+]
Above Average: 'Lifting the Sea'
Slightly Above Average: ~

On the Fence: ~
*Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

?+0) Illuminate -- heard the words "never change" in the distance as I approached the stage

?+1) Just For A While -- they have a great sound and watching them reminds me a bit of when I saw 'Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros'.
-- new song:
?+2) Afar

?+3) Remember Us
?+4) Valentina
?+5) Douse The Flame

?+6) This Is Love
?+7) Make This Leap
-- one more:
?+8) Ages

-- I would guess the band started off with 'Lifting The Sea' (4:59, lively), followed up with 'Please Let It Go' (3:29, a slow song), and then played 'Illuminate' (3:51). This would account for all 10 songs on their debut album 'Those Younger Days' (2015).

Post-Festival Thoughts:
With seven (family) members, The Hunts was an awesome fun show to watch. With a solid performance, I would definitely boost my rating of them and make sure I listen to more of them in the future.

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