Concert 20150618 Tycho


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Tycho - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) (
Tycho Scenestar Interview (

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
From a Reddit AMA: "I say Ty-Ko but I think the proper pronunciation in Danish is more like Tee-Ko" - Tychomusic

Scott Hansen's music has a nice vibe (ambient music). First starting as a solo artist, he performs live with three musicians. Apparently he's just as much into the visual aspects as well. Overall, he's a prime example of what it means to be an artist.

Above Average: -- I basically enjoyed all of Tycho's songs and gave him a whopping 7.5 out of 10 (tying two and below eight artists, I rated 117 of them).
Slightly Above Average: ~
On the Fence: ~

-- it is Tycho's second to last show.

Post-Festival Thoughts:
While I really enjoyed Tycho's music, both prior to the festival and live, I hadn't listened to it enough to distinguish the different songs.

As such, the performance felt repetitive and I decided to head on over to The Lawn Stage and catch the very end of The Kooks's set (in hopes to hear them play 'Naive'). With that being said, I will definitely listen to more of Tycho and would highly consider watching them perform in the future.

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