Concert 20150618 The Kooks

The Kooks

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Young Rising Sons at Firefly 2015 (*
*Edited the setlist on 20150628.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
The Kooks have a pretty cool sound.

Excellent*: 'Naive' [2+] -- one of those awesome hits for which I never associated a band name -- it's catchy, but the song topic is sad/negative

Above Average: 'Down', 'Westside'
Slightly Above Average: ~
On the Fence: ~
*Songs with 2 or more '+'s are considered 'Excellent'. The number of '+'s are found in brackets.

?+0) Sweet Emotion
?+1) Forgive & Forget
-- encore:
E1) See Me Now
E2) Junk of the Heart (Happy)
E3) Naive

Post-Festival Thoughts:
While watching Tycho, I realized that I would regret it if I didn't go and see The Kooks play a couple of songs and sped on over.

Luckily for me, they saved the best (i.e., the ones that everybody knows) for last. In particular, I got to hear them perform 'Naive'!

Getting to hear 'Naive' was a great way to end the night.

I should, however, note that I'm glad I ended up seeing a little of X Ambassadors and a little of Tycho instead of solely seeing The Kooks.

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