Concert 20150618 Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta!

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Hey Rosetta! at Firefly 2015 (*
*Created the setlist on 20150628.

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
The first time I listened to their songs, I found 'Soft Offering' and 'Gold Teeth' had a decent beat, and liked 'Harriet'. Unknowingly, I later listened to them again and 'Harriet' caught my ear for a second time.

Above Average: 'Harriet'
Slightly Above Average: 'Soft Offering', 'Gold Teeth'
On the Fence: ~

1) Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering)

-- switch instruments
2) Gold Teeth
-- more switching (for example, cello)
3) New Goodbye -- I know that this song ends with something that sounds like 'I I I I way ay eh'. The closest match is New Goodbye.

4) Yer Spring -- pause in the song -> guitarist jumps and lands -> song resume
5) Kid Gloves
-- slow it down:
6) Alcatraz

7) Young Glass
-- next song is about babies, supposedly the last song:
8) Welcome
-- they actually play one more:
9) Stand By Me (Ben E. King cover)

Post-Festival Thoughts:
Hey Rosetta! was good, but I definitely liked Young Rising Sons more (though in fact, I also liked Young Rising Sons more prior to listening to both bands play live).

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