Concert 20150618 Grizfolk


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Grizfolk at Firefly 2015 (

Pre-Festival Thoughts:
Overall, I rated the band fairly well: 7 out of 10.

However, for whatever reason, I only gave them 5 out of 10 with respect to my desire to see them.

Above Average: 'Waiting for You'
Slightly Above Average: 'Hymnals'
On the Fence: ~

1) Waiting for You
2) The Barrens -- the music was so loud
3) The Struggle -- livelier, hopping around, but louder

4) Vagabonds -- I decided to put in my earplugs during this song, the bass was too strong
5) Bounty On My Head -- nice, I love the bassist's enthusiasm!
-- this next song is for lovers:
6) Cosmic Angel

-- this is a Kendrick Lamar song:
7) Money Trees (Kendrick Lamar cover)
8) The Ripple -- crowd sings 'Oh oh, my my, gotta get lost to get it right' -- lead singer approaches the crowd

-- two more songs:
9) Suffragette City (David Bowie cover)
10) Hymnals

Post-Festival Thoughts:
My pre-festival ratings suggested I should either go see Grizfolk or Ryn Weaver.

However, since my friends were planning to see Grizfolk, I decided to see Grizfolk as well.

Overall, I thought they put on a good show. Furthermore, as alluded to in a comment, the bassist was animated and that sort of positive attitude always makes a show more enjoyable.

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