Video Game Teleglitch: Die More Edition (PC) (2013)

Teleglitch: Die More Edition (PC) (2013)

Item crafting.
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Teleglitch: Die More Edition is a top-down shooter where you the player are on a planet waiting to be rescued. After help fails to arrive, you decide to set out and save yourself. Of course the only way out is to get to warp machines that can teleport you from one facility to the next facility.

I keep using the map.
Today I played Teleglitch and at first I tried to play the tutorial a couple of times.* Between dying** and a weird glitch that didn't go away until I completely restarted the game, I decided to just start the first level.

In my current run I upgraded the 9mm semi-automatic pistol to the 9mm automatic pistol and while the rate of fire increased, my inventory of 9mm clips decreased... to zero.

*I got furthest in the tutorial when I played it the first time.

I get into the story.
**I was suppose to knife the crowd of enemies that ran up to me, but instead I accidentally dropped a bomb and killed myself.

1) Secret Rooms can be spotted by the ability to see a sliver through the crack. Apparently you won't always see a crack, but the map will show a wall which is thinner than other walls.
2) I thought you had to break a wall with explosives, but any weapon will work, so using your 9mm is recommended.

Game Over
3) A couple of the number keys correspond to the first (from the top) few slots of your inventory.
4) I thought the only way to rearrange items was by dropping them and picking them up, but apparently you can hold down 'E' and then rearrange them.
5) Reading the Teleglitch Wiki, I learned that audio cues can help in this game; I'll remember to wear headphones the next time I play.

I decided to use keyboard and mouse.

The map is my friend.
+ The automatic camera rotation.
+ The crafting.
+ Story. Told via computer terminals spread throughout the levels. I enjoyed reading them.

~ Low resolution. I liked the low resolution graphics in Lone Survivor and Organ Trail. I'm not sure how I felt about it in Teleglitch.

Keyboard/Mouse Configuration
- The game only let me save after I complete a level. Seldom was there the luxury to guarantee that I could finish a level. In particular, the following happened to me:
I finished the first level, saved, decided to continue, and then quit (to start a game of League of Legends). I would have saved, but there was no save option. Returning to the game, I had to start from the beginning.***
Level Complete!
***Explicitly, you can't quit without losing your progress after continuing a level. But on a related note, if you get to level 5, you can start a new game at level 3; if you get to level 7, you can start a new game at level 5; and if you get to level 9, you can start a new game at level 7.

Overall, I could see why some players would enjoy this game. In particular, I enjoyed the small bit which I experienced, but I would not want to experience the game any further.

Useful tips.