Video Game Survivor Squad (PC) (2013)

Survivor Squad (PC) (2013)

It's all about the vision.
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Survivor Squad is a survival horror game that is similar to Teleglitch (PC) (2013): top-down, line of sight gameplay.

Like L4D2, sometimes you have to turn off the alarm.
20150531: [20150531]
Having played Teleglitch less than two weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and play Survivor Squad, which shares similar themes and game mechanics.

In any case, I made the following notes during my gameplay:
1) Every day, the player goes to an infected area and after the player clears the infected and collects all the loot, the player must return to a cleared area.

Control each member separately or as a select.
2) If the player clears all of the infected in an area, the area becomes secured.
3) The player can turn a secured area into a cleared area. Certain cleared areas can be turned into bases.
4) After playing for an hour, among the possible materials to collect, I would - in future games - collect raw material over blueprints. One guide on Steam more generally suggested forgoing big items (2x2) until they are needed.

Complicated map system.
+ Cheat codes! Reminds me of Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.

~ Imitates Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) (2009)

- Steep learning curve.
- Unclear gameplay (only the basics are described, not the details)

Zone successfully cleansed!
- No wiki exists for help, only "In the Map screen there's a bunch of tips on the lower right corner that you can cycle through by clicking on it."

Overall: [20151025]
While controlling four characters was fun, I would much rather play the game as a multiplayer co-op (like L4D/L4D2), especially when the game imitates some of the Left 4 Dead gameplay (such as turning off alarms and collecting an item from a building).

Mission failed.
Also, between Survival Squad and Teleglitch, I would rather play Teleglitch. Although the graphics for Survival Squad is crisper than the graphics for Teleglitch, Teleglitch serves up a cleaner experience.

Of course, the two games have different goals. Teleglitch is an essentially linear game where the player seeks to escape from the zombie infestation. In contrast, Survival Squad is concerned with clearing the zombie infestation and setting up bases to survive within/among it.

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