Video Game Super Comboman (PC) (2014)

Super Comboman (PC) (2014)

A 96-hit Combo!?! I guess that's why the game is called Super Comboman.
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20150530: [20151030 Edit]
Today I played the game for two hours. In detail, I played the first level, replayed it, moved on , occasionally practiced newly purchased moves in the ring, defeated the first boss (end of the 6th level) at the 1.7 hour mark, and finally replayed various levels.

Used a controller:
X - Normal; Y - Smash*; B - Special; A - Jump
*Has a short cooldown.

Buy moves in the store.
: I wasn't hitting the Special key for the "dive kick". The Special key is different from the Normal attack key and the Smash key.
: The "dash through" is executed by shielding and double tapping forward (I thought shielding and then pressing dash would have made more sense, but maybe the developers wanted it to feel like a combo). You have to be facing the enemy to execute it. Otherwise it'll fail.
: Trying to press shield as the character is standing up won't work.
: Some enemies attack so often that it's really easy to parry, especially in an area with a lot of enemies; simply press forward to counter their attacks. Slower enemies, however, are much harder to parry, so much so that parrying their attack is inefficient.

Taking out the boss, like a boss.
: An exclamation mark appears behind Struggles signaling a parry opportunity.
: Parrying is a better option than blocking when the character has been knocked down and standing back up.
: Use boxes and other breakable objects to chain a combo from one area to the next.

+ Somewhat humorous
+ Good artistic display of story (reminds me of Viewtiful Joe in terms of story concept, though Super Comboman isn't nearly half as good as Viewtiful Joe).

Collect stickers which are spread throughout the game.
+ Combos can feel good when they are well executed.

~ Medium learning curve. Less button mashing is ideal. Anybody familiar with a fighting game that requires timing will have an easier time.

- A wall jump is difficult to execute: press A and away from the wall. Sometimes I move Struggles away from the wall before even reaching it (and thus failing to wall jump).
- Lack of recovery from knock down (neither rolling out nor pressing shield is an option)
- Can be a bit buggy.

Try your best to get large combos!
I had fun playing Super Comboman, but some of the fighting mechanics could have been improved.* While I enjoyed it more than Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action! (PC) (2014), the game isn't worth much when compared to a top tier brawler like Viewtiful Joe (GCN) (2003). Overall, Super Comboman had the story and the style, but lacked the implementation and consequently I would not recommend it.

*The game has many negative reviews on Steam. Reviewers mention inconsistency, repetitiveness, and lag issues. It is also mentioned that players versed in fighting games would dislike Super Comboman's fighting system (poor hit detection, bad controls, frame animation, etc.).

A coding error with the level select screen after completing the 6th level.
The level select screen is supposed to look like this.