Video Game Out There Somewhere (PC) (2012)

Out There Somewhere (Steam) (2014)*
*Out There Somewhere (PC) (2012)

Shots do not pass the red beams.
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20150524: [20151030 Edit]
Today I tried playing Out There Somewhere, but had to stop about an hour into the game (5:44AM) for two reasons:
1) I got stuck trying to get a bonus.

The Teleporter Gun preserves momentum. I have already started jumping.
So when the shot hits the wall, I exit the shot completing my jump.
2) When I died I had to start at the last save point and I started dozing off while trying to get back to where I was. I couldn't.
Consequently, it was time for bed (keep in mind that it was almost six in the morning).

windowed; gamepad controller.

The game adds a blue beam to add to the complexity of the puzzles.
First Impressions:
So far most puzzles range from easy to medium in difficulty and I'm absolutely enjoying the gameplay.

+ Clever, unique puzzles from the Teleporter Gun mechanic.

The game does a good job of teach players the necessary puzzle mechanics.
~ Retro graphics, appropriate.

Although I only played for an hour, I found Out There Somewhere was a great game and its Teleporter Gun mechanic was a refreshing experience. In fact, the experience was almost as fresh as the experience I got when I played Portal (PC) (2007) for the first time.