Video Game Lunnye Devitsy (PC) (2009)

Lunnye Devitsy (PC) (2009)

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Today I tried playing Lunnye Devitsy for the first time and ended up putting in over three hours of gameplay (which was an hour longer than when I was planning to end).

Controller; I've been using windowed more than fullscreen lately for low resolution games.

: Saving is automatic.
: There is a map located in common\Lunneye Devitsy\Bonus\Lunnye 2013 map.jpg
: After collecting all the moons, cannons are placed throughout the world; press up to enter a cannon. It took me a while to unlock the Flying achievement (well, I didn't know it was the Flying achievement until I achieved it). Use the last one to fire yourself towards the moon.

First Impression:
At first the world felt too big, but after enough exploration, it no longer seemed so large.

In particular, I eventually opened the map file (common\Lunneye Devitsy\Bonus\Lunnye 2013 map.jpg) and used it throughout the playthrough. While the map does have some spoilers, I didn't want to bother memorizing the world or manually creating one by pasting screenshots together. I also felt it made up for a lack of an in-game map.

There was, however, a point in the game where I went from being bored to being interested. Perhaps this was when I realized the game was actually a puzzle platformer.

+ Good music.

~ Game aesthetics are sometimes too foggy. I'm fine with it, but it would have been nice to have the option to adjust it.

- Game's initial lack of direction (other than teaching the user how to jump and take screenshots); can be frustrating.
- No in-game map of area where you've explored. This feature is core in exploration games like Castlevania.
- No quick reset or portals.
- Puzzles can be complex and/or frustrating.

A moon piece.
I can see why some people like Lunnye Devitsy and why some people don't.

If you enjoy puzzle platformers and are looking for a new and short puzzle platformer to play, then I would recommend you get this game when it goes on sale (it is sold on Steam bundled with a game called Wake for $5, which would drop to $1.25 during a Steam sale).

However, if you have yet to play Limbo (PC) (2011), then you might want to check that out instead.

Used the Map:
Dark green moon (top left corner) - I had two little icons left to find, the dark green and the one which was one right and one up from it

Order of Completion:
// - 20150523 23:26
: Started game
Launching - 20150524 00:28
Flying - 20150524 00:46
Looping - 20150524 01:13
Posting - 20150524 01:15
: After figuring out Looping, I suddenly had a hunch about occupying the room (?) when the pilot (?) needed it. And I was right!

The spring.
Jumping - 20150524 01:22
: I was ready to stop playing for the night, but then I realized I should look at the achievement names and I immediately understood what Jumping meant. It did, however, take me a while to navigate the spring. In particular, I didn't realize it needed to be activated (I had on several occasions activated it without trying).
// - 20150524 01:50
: I noticed that the wires can be seen in the background traveling downwards. Having previously suspected a connection between the two switches, but now I was certain.

Follow the wires.
: While it takes about 15 seconds for the switch to go from fully depressed to not, it currently takes me about twice as long to make the trek.
// - 20150524 02:36
: I finally decided to give up trying to make the trek.

Steam: 3.2 hours on record