Video Game Ichi (PC) (2014)

Ichi (PC) (2014)

Click on the red triangle to rotate it clockwise 90 degrees.
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Ichi is a puzzle game where the goal is to collect all of the orange circles without dying and all you need to solve the puzzles is the click (and movement) of your mouse.

Click anywhere in the game to toggle the blue triangle.
The Ichi block will disappear after the first time it's been hit.
Ichi's gameplay is straightforward and while some levels here and there were challenging, most went by quickly. In fact, I would describe the gameplay as so simple that it was more boring than grinding experience in an RPG.

Cleverly pass through portals.
+ Level Editor

- Boring

The levels I've encountered thus far in Ichi require a minimal amount of trial-and-error. I'd rather play LYNE (2014) where at least some levels required basic logic in order to complete.