Video Game Frozen Synapse (2011) (PC)

Released 20110526
Purchased 20111223
Frozen Synapse (2011) (PC)

Graham Nix, the Director of Petrov's Shard, briefs you on your mission.
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[20120720:] Despite having gone through the tutorial, I found the game's controls and interface slightly confusing. Fortunately, I eventually got the hang of the game and started liking it.

A soldier in the lower right (green) blasts an enemy with his shotgun.
[20150529:] Steam says I've played this game for 2.8 hours.

20150529: [20151026 Edit]
It's been a while since I've played Frozen Synapse and today I decided to revisit the game. Unfortunately, although I tried looking for existing save files, I didn't manage to find any.

While I remember playing several levels a long time ago, today I only played the tutorial, "Nashar: Incursion", "Nashar: Massacre", and "Nashar: Extraction" (I tried twice to complete this last level, but I did not complete it).

Losing interest with the game, I only logged about 1.3 hours, less than half of the amount of time I initially invested with the game.

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+Solid soundtrack.
+Game mechanics allow for elaborate, complicated, and fine-tuned strategies.

A technician protests "You murderers! We're unarmed!"
+Cool looking aesthetics
+Randomly generated levels adds to the replay value.


I send a sniper to the window, though I vaguely recall failing.
-High learning curve.

While I might have had the patience to learn and enjoy the game several years ago, I did not have the patience tonight and found the tactical aspect too complex to be enjoyable.

Mission Failed.
I should note that a cooperative campaign exists as part of an expansion pack called Frozen Synapse Red (released on 20120529) but I have yet to play it.