Video Game Fairy Bloom Freesia (PC) (2012)

Fairy Bloom Freesia (PC) (2012)

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Fairy Bloom Freesia is a brawler where the player is a fairy named Freesia who's duty is to protect the forest and all life within it. Earn monetary units as you play and use it to purchase basic skills, special skills, or passive skills.

With some exceptions, most attacks are executed by standing still or pressing a direction on the D-pad and then pressing the attack button or the special button. Pressing the special button will activate the special which the user has assigned to the said button (like in Megabyte Punch (2013)).

As a single-player brawler, Fairy Bloom Freesia is less like Super Smash Bros./Megabyte Punch, and more like traditional arcade fighters. On that note, the player can block for as long as he/she wants, but a guard break meter will increase as the player takes damage.

Starting up the game, I was prompted to update it. While I complied, the game failed to run. After a few more tries, I went to find the solution.

Solution: I found a Steam discussion thread which informed the OP that the update (to 112) is for the Japanese version of the game and that all other users should reject the prompt to update it.

Fullscreen / English / Normal Difficulty
Gamepad (Logitech Dual Action)

: For the most part I set the buttons visually to the recommended positions.
: I did however change the bottom button to Accept and the right button to Cancel.

Other Settings:
At first I turned V Sync on, but the game experienced a lot of lag and so I turned it off. I'm not sure if pushing the resolution to 1920 x 1280 also created any lag or not, but it seemed to be running fine. I'll remember to use an FPS monitor in the future and see.

First Impressions:
Today I only got to play the tutorial/first level and died the first time I played. When the game asked about going to intermission, I accidentally went to the menu instead and had to replay the tutorial.

I discovered that a level is completed when all the enemies in that level have spawned and have been defeated.


Second Impressions:
Today I played more Fairy Bloom Freesia and I would say the game is pretty fun. While button mashing is usually a viable strategy, adding some technique can help the player survive the more difficult battles.

+ Decent story
+ Skill system
+ Great character artwork (, but just average-looking standard enemies)
+ Good graphics

~ The game is a mix between single-player platform brawlers where the player progresses across a level and multiplayer brawlers where the focus is always against a single opponent. I have ambivalent feelings on how this impacted my experience.

- Controls can occasionally feel unresponsive.
- Repetitive

Overall, the game was enjoyable, but repetitive. Having little reason to return to the game and finish it, I would also have little reason to recommending you to start it.