Video Game Deadlight (PC) (2012)

Deadlight (PC) (2012)

Randall Wayne - this is one way to introduce a character
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The start of the game.
Deadlight is a 2D platformer where you play as Randall Wayne. In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Randall is both focused on finding his wife and daughter and saving his comrades from a group called "The New Law."

Common gameplay elements consist of grabbing onto ledges, tackling weak doors, leaping across gaps, using a single wall jump, and sprinting. On a related note, the game has a stamina bar which runs down for actions such as running, swinging an axe, and hanging from a ledge or rope.

DEADLIGHT in the background.
Encounters with Shadows (zombies) varies depending on the stage of the game. In some parts of the game, the player must simply avoid the Shadows (by running to safety or using the environment to dispose of them). In other parts of the game, the player will have a fireman's axe, a revolver, or a shotgun.

Staying high is a good way to avoid Shadows (zombies)
Today I played some Deadlight. I decided to play with my Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510.

I didn't know how to shoot the revolver at first, but after fumbling with the controller, it seems that the right analog stick will aim the gun and the right trigger (RT) will fire it.

Cutscenes have this general artwork.
First Impression:
I played for about 2.5 hours so far and aside from a couple of minor bugs, I'm absolutely loving it.

For the most part, Deadlight plays like a modern version of the classic Prince of Persia (1989). Or perhaps you could also say its a 2D version of the modern Prince of Persia series (e.g. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003)). In any case, the platforming mechanics are pretty cool.

Randall is saved by The Rat.
+ Great Story
+ An abundant number of checkpoints
+ Great Artwork (there's a distinct art style for the in-game graphics and the cutscenes, but I enjoy both)
+ Excellent game design
+ Enjoyable voice acting

Randall and The Rat
~ The game may not be appropriate for young children due to violence and language. More specifically, it's ESRB rating is M for violence, blood, sexual themes, and strong language.

- There was one sequence where I had to run from a helicopter and the controls for climbing a fence were acting weird (i.e., different from how climbing a fence felt in earlier parts of the game).

Bashing through doors.
- The game has a leaderboard which places players with higher completion times higher on the leaderboard, and ties are broken by having a longer play time. (In what world is having a longer play time better?)

When playing Deadlight, I practically couldn't put the game down. In fact, if I wasn't planning to go rock climbing, I would probably have played the game straight from start to finish.

Climbing up the ladder.
Some reviews have criticized the game for being too linear, or complained about the game's controls. Personally, I am too focused on the story and atmosphere to notice that the game is linear. In addition, a game can be linear but fun to play (e.g., Limbo (2011)). And while I did encounter a couple of control issues, they were only minor and they don't impact my overall impression of the game.

Randall runs for his life.
If you're enjoy atmospheric games, then Deadlight might be a game you should check out. Note, however, that the game might be too short to qualify the full $15 price tag. I would recommend waiting for the game to go on sale or become part of a bundle (historically the game was part of the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 and the Humble Weekly Bundle: Made in Spain).