Video Game Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION (PC) (2014)

Today I played some Crimzon Clover. This shoot'em up really covers many of the features and would be great for any fan of shooters.

I was playing on my laptop and so I used my keyboard. But as with a different shooter, I ran into the trouble of only being able to move horizontally when I tried to press both the Shoot (Z) and Lock (X) keys.

Default Player 1 Keyboard Controls:
Arrow Keys; [Z] = Shoot; [X] = Lock; [C] = Break; [V] = Start

With a bunch of continues, I finished Novice Original Mode with TYPE-I.

Tip: You can use both Lock and Shoot at the same time. As explained, however, your ship will travel slower while using Lock. Of course, in most situations, the higher DPS is more than worth it.

Tip: The light at the center of your ship represents your true damage zone.

In any case, I played the game a second time, but stopped after the first "Continue?"

The third time I played Arcade Boost Mode with TYPE-II. This ship is cool, but suffers from not being able to hold down the Lock button. As a secondary function, holding down the Lock button will freeze the ship's secondary ships into place.

Fourth game: Arcade Unlimited Mode with TYPE-III. Holding the Lock button will focus the ship's side weapons towards the front for more power in a focused position. (Same hardware issue with keyboard occurs.) As with the first game, I used a bunch of continues (a lot of them) and got to the finish. This mode was super difficult, but I learned the following.

Tip: Continuously stacking bombs on a boss can be a quick way to finish it. The bombs don't have to overlap, but they can be used as soon as the impossible looking enemy fire is close to hitting the ship. In other words, fire a bomb, collect stars while firing, keep firing until enemy fire closes in on the ship, fire another bomb and repeat the cycle.

Today my friends and I (first Josh and I and then later Michael and I) played the Crimzon Clover with two players. Overall, the game was both fun and difficult. The consensus was there's a lot going on the screen, especially when using the Break Mode.

Two-Player Mode

+ Training Option
+ Two difficulties (Novice / Arcade)
+ Various Game Modes (Boost / Original / Unlimited)
+ Three Ship Types
+ Unlimited Continues (at least for Novice, Original) (Score resets to 0 after each continue)

+ Support for two players
+ Cool graphics (for a shooter) and pretty cool enemy and boss designs.

~ I'll probably have to try playing the game with a game controller. Though neither a gamepad nor keyboard is a proper substitute for an arcade joystick.
~ I'll also have to try playing the game with my BENQ monitor turned vertically.

- True screen resolution capped at 1280 x 768. (Though full screen mode is still an option)
- No story (though most shooters lack a storyline)

If you enjoy shmups and "bullet hell" shooters, then you'll probably enjoy Crimzon Clover. Crimzon Clover has many features and options that would likely accommodate/satisfy the majority of shmup players.

As for players new to shmups, while Crimzon Clover's novice mode is forgiving, I would instead recommend Jamestown (2011), a shooter which offers a wider range of difficulties and thus a better game to learn on and improve with.


Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION (PC) (2014)*
*Crimzon Clover (PC) (2011) (Japan)

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