Video Game Contraption Maker (PC) (2014)

Contraption Maker (PC) (2014)

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Contraption Maker is a physics-based puzzle game where the player must complete unfinished Rube Goldberg machines.

In addition to solving built-in puzzles, the player may build his/her own puzzles and play puzzles made by other players.

20150525 AM Hours:
54 minutes:
54/54 Tutorial Levels
09/51 Easy Levels

20150525 Noon:
55 minutes:
54/54 Tutorial Levels
36/51 Easy Levels

Tip: Place scissors roughly perpendicular to rope.

+ Most contraptions are pretty easy to use. In particular, there are usually indicators to show whether or not the object will behave as you desire (e.g., a vertical line in the path of a ball falling or the parabolic arc of a cannon ball; in both these examples, the path ends when the ball hits another object).
+ Clarity. The background is plain, unlike the background of Crazy Machines 2 (PC) (2008).
+ Easy objectives. Unlike the objectives in Crazy Machines 2.

~ This game is similar to The Incredible Machine (same developers), a game that I played as a kid. It even uses similar contraptions and so the game can have some nostalgic value to it.

Minor Cons:
~- Recording a solution takes a long time. I suppose it should only be done if you really like your particular solution.
~- Sometimes the rotate icons are out of view and must temporarily be done with the object placed somewhere else before being moving to the proper spot.

I played The Incredible Machine 3 (PC) (1995) as a kid and when I recently played Crazy Machines 2, I was severely disappointed. Today, however, I got to experience Contraption Maker, a spiritual successor to the Incredible Machine series featuring the original developers, and it did not leave me disappointed.