Video Game Bloody Trapland (PC) (2013)

Bloody Trapland (PC) (2013)

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Bloody Trapland is a platformer game whose levels are short, yet deadly.

"Tap jump lightly." == "Try and get lucky."
Today I played Bloody Trapland and apparently it's one of those difficult platformer games (e.g., Cat Mario, Electronic Super Joy, Super Pig, Super Meat Boy).

This particular game has the following characteristics of the genre:
1) levels contain deadly obstacles such as spikes, boulders, and bullets

Everytime I took a (Steam) screenshot, all the blood disappeared.
2) levels occasionally contain a crux which requires a mix of skill and luck to complete
3) multiple attempts of harder levels is inevitable

Pros and cons which are inherent to the genre are omitted.

+ Simple controls: left, right, crouch, and jump.

Most levels are a good balance of skill and luck.
~ Pressing F12 to take a screenshot erases all the blood splatter. The screenshot and screen will be free of gore.
~ Possibly because the levels are not timed, I did not feel addicted to it.
~ There seems to be an attempt at a story, but I wasn't really paying attention.

- Graphics are not as good as Electronic Super Joy or Super Meat Boy.
- Like Cat Mario, certain obstacles are hidden and must be discovered.

- One of the levels required tapping the jump button just long enough to clear the lower obstacle, but not too long as to hit the upper obstacle. Unfortunately, the window for success was small and the particular task was annoying (as opposed to challenging).

This game has a multiplayer mode which I have yet to evaluate.

I have to remember to try this game with my friends.
Overall, Bloody Trapland is a challenging platformer with retro graphics and simple mechanics. If you like retro-styled games and difficult platformers, then you'll probably enjoy Bloody Trapland.

I'll have to revisit this game for its multiplayer.