Video Game Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (PC) (2013)

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (PC) (2013)

Ride a laser-equipped shark through Hell in Thy Farts Consumed.
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20150509 (AM Hours):
Game starts: Tutorial. A parody of Navi from the Zelda series.

First run: Assholevania.
- I died.

Level Select Screen.
Second run: Happy Fun Candytime.

Third run: Future Fuckballs 2010.
- Success! I barely finished this stage.

20150509 (Noon):
Fourth run: Blizzard of Balls.
- Obviously, you can also shoot the (lethal) deer and the (lethal) birds. Tip: You can shoot the turrets, snowmen, and their snowballs.

- I got to the final boss, but I ran out of lives.

Fifth run: Thy Farts Consumed.
- Again I got to the final boss, but ran out of lives.
- I eventually realized that he follows a fixed pattern, only increasing his speed as you deal more damage.

The game has the same feel as the web series.
- My best strategy was to start and stay near the center and middle, dodging left and right as he passes. For every cycle I'd get four series of shots, two on each side, once for when he's moving up past me and once for when he's moving down past me.
- I tried to throw in diagonal shots, but that strategy was less consistent.

Sixth run: Dungeons & Dickholes.
- Hard level.

Happy Fun Candytime
Seventh run: Beat It & Eat It.
- So dirty, lol.

Total time: 109 minutes.

+ Retro

Ride Santa's corpse down a hill in Blizzard of Balls.

+ Parody/Comedic
+ There's a part in Thy Farts Consumed where you get to ride a shark and fire lasers. How cool is that?

~ Inappropriate for kids (sexual content and inappropriate language)

-- None Identified --

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (AVGN Adventures) is a difficult retro platformer. Parodying other platformers released in the 80s, AVGN Adventures is as funny as it is frustrating. If you like retro gaming, then you'll likely enjoy AVGN Adventures.

I suppose you'd also enjoy AVGN Adventures if you've seen and enjoy episodes of AVGN, the web series on which the game is based.

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