Video Game Always Sometimes Monsters (PC) (2014)

Always Sometimes Monsters (PC) (2014)

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I almost sold the dog, but bailed out at last minute.
Always Sometimes Monsters is a game about choices and from a narrative standpoint it's like a choose-your-own-adventure. With respect to the game's style, Always Sometimes Monsters plays like a 2D adventure game/RPG.

"To The Future!"
The player walks around and talks to other characters in order to determine what needs to be done in order to progress the story. There is, however, no experience gain, fighting, or grinding involved. In other words, one can think of Always Sometimes Monsters as just the story part of a stereotypical adventure game/RPG.

Today I played Always Sometimes Monsters and felt it started slow, gained some traction with its non-linearity (story options), and then slowed down again.

+ Replayability. I'm not sure if there are multiple endings, but there are most definitely different outcomes in the story at a local level. Outcomes are based on the choices which the player makes.
+ Strong story.

~ Non-linearity.
~ Graphics/character art is okay. Two small details bug me: 1) Occasionally the characters face in a strange direction during the conversations. 2) The character art is always placed on the left.

- Pacing can be slow.

For the most part, I enjoyed what Always Sometimes Monsters had to offer. I would, however, prefer playing more Gemini Rue (2011), a graphic adventure game, before playing more Always Sometimes Monsters.