Video Game 0RBITALIS (PC) (2014)

0RBITALIS (PC) (2014)

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0RBITALIS (Steam Store Page)

20150508 AM Hours:
Today I played three levels of 0RBITALIS before falling asleep and now Steam has me logged as having played it for 5.3 hours when I only spent about 18 minutes on it. With that being said, the potential to log many hours on it is real. Apparently interrupting the progress of an orbit will stop the timer.

20150508 Afternoon:
In any case, I played some more later and stopped after getting stuck at Beta Circus. Thus far I've completed 14 levels and have yet to complete 23 levels.

Technical Note:
Steam screenshots only work in fullscreen mode. This seems to be the case for most, if not all, Steam games.


+ Fun concept/game design.

~ Simulation will pause when the game window is no longer active.

- Can be slow (apparently this is due to how the game was coded and the fact that it is simulating an n-body problem)

- If one achieves a seemingly stable path and wants to reap the benefits,* the game window has to be active. The player chooses when he/she wants to stop the simulation.

*In a sense this is unintended behavior (the developer did not thing people would leave their computers on just to get high scores). It only happens in a handful of levels, and the game is best enjoyed by ignoring them (don't try to get high scores on them).

0RBITALIS is a fun physics-based game which can require patience due to all the trial-and-error involved. While initially simple, some 0RBITALIS levels can be quite challenging.