Video Game Pixel Puzzles: Japan (PC) (2014)

Pixel Puzzles: Japan is just a jigsaw puzzle game.

Today I played this game long enough to collect its Steam trading cards. This consisted of the first five level one puzzles (which unlocks level two puzzles), four level two puzzles (which unlocks level three puzzles), and one level three puzzle over the span of about 3.6 hours.

While level one and level two puzzles were small and not so hard, the level three puzzle was large and there were not many colors within the puzzle. Thus, after placing the edge and part of the water area in the bottom right corner, I struggled to readily match pieces.

First, I focused on certain types. After this helped fill in the final puzzle, I sorted the pieces by the number of protrusions (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4). Most of the pieces with two protrusions were protruding to the top and right. Eventually I sorted the pieces with one protrusion by their direction. This helped speed up the brute force, trial-and-error method.

As mentioned in 'Cons' section, the Koi pond and the puzzle area made it difficult to manage the pieces. Thus, while the pieces were conveniently oriented correctly, the software did not provide a satisfactory jigsaw puzzle experience. I'd much rather do a real jigsaw puzzle.

+Pieces are oriented correctly.
+Pieces snap into place when close.

-Pieces do not snap together unless in correct position on board. (For example, I know two pieces should connect to each other. I'd like to connect them and move them as one. I've encountered a jigsaw puzzle game that allows this feature.)
-Pieces float around in the Koi Pond and can be hard to obtain. (For example, even if I see an edge piece, it may be covered by another piece. I may pick the other piece up to get it out of the way, but accidentally drop on top of the edge piece and both will respawn elsewhere in the pond.)
-Not enough room to sort pieces. This isn't a big deal with the smaller sized puzzles, but eventually it becomes chaotic.

Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros.

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (PC) (2014)

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