Video Game NiGHTS into Dreams... (PC) (2012)

NiGHTS into Dreams... (PC) (2012)*
*NiGHTS into Dreams... (Sega Saturn) (1996)

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Today I played NiGHTS into Dreams and it was such a weird game. With orbs to collect in the background, I was initially confused on how to reach them. Eventually, however, I realized that despite the game's 3D-looking visuals, character movement just occurs in 2D (up/down, left/right) and rotation of the screen about the z-axis occurs automatically.

Having slowly become accustomed to navigating through the rings and gems, I had yet to understand when the protagonist runs out of time and reverts to being human. It's such a strange concept. The character falls out of the sky and has to make his/her way back to the transformation chamber on foot. Meanwhile, a machine is roaming about trying to chasing the character.

Then, even ignoring that strange situation, I managed to make it to the boss twice and had no idea on how I was suppose to attack it. I seemed to be able to dash at it and knock it out, but I wasn't sure if I was affecting it. After my two attempts, I went to look up the solution and apparently I could have done what I was doing faster (within the time limit). However, there is a faster solution: do this spin attack near the monster's tail.

Knowing what I know now - gameplay via experience and story via Wikipedia - NiGHTS into Dreams is a pretty cool game and the option to play the original Sega Saturn or the newer HD version is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, whatever the game was able to bring gamers back in 1996 is largely lost on a player like myself who was not directly exposed to it at the time of its release.

New vs. Old Graphics: