Video Game Gemini Rue (PC) (2011)

Gemini Rue (PC) (2011)

Azriel waits to meet with an informant.
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Gemini Rue is a graphic adventure game where you play as an ex-assassin named Azriel Odin and Delta-Six.

All in a good day's work.
Point and click your way through the game to (possibly*) help Azriel find his brother Daniel and (possibly*) help Delta-Six escape.

*I haven't played enough to know myself. My guess is that the two stories will end up intersecting.

Today I played some of this point-and-click and while the story was interesting, moving from one area to the next required getting use to where the pointer needs to be. It is, however, still unclear to me what results in a successful exit.

Later that evening I resumed the game and encountered more bugs. Some text was skipping and after dying half of the screen had gone haywire. It returned to normal after entering the building.

The small resolution and pixelated graphics remind me of older point-and-click games like Loom (1990) or The Dig (1995).

Delta-Six (left) meets Epsilon-Five (right).
Anyways, I got to the part in the game where you can switch between playing Azriel and playing Delta-Six. Unfortunately, it was getting late and I stopped playing there.

+ Decent story. Plays out like a mystery/thriller.

While a graphic adventure game, Gemini Rue has the occasional action
via its shooting mechanism (i.e., shooting mini-game).
~ I'm not sure whether switching between Azriel and Delta 6 will be fun or annoying.
~ Retro graphics.

- Navigation is clunky
- Encountered some bugs.

It's a glitch in the Matrix!
Overall, Gemini Rue is a decent graphic adventure game. I would, however, start, finish or replay various other point-and-click game before returning to this one. With that being said, everybody enjoys different types of stories, and I simply enjoy other stories than the one presented here.

At this point in the game, players can switch between Delta-Six and Azriel.