Video Game Enclave (PC) (2003)

Enclave (PC) (2003)*
*Enclave (Xbox) (2002)

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Enclave is an action RPG with two available campaigns: Light and Dark.

I never realized that going to prison and then becoming the hero was a popular video game trope. Prior to Enclave, I encountered this trope in Resident Evil Zero (Billy Coen), Path of Exile (2013), Dark Souls (2012), and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Difficult: Medium (other options are Easy and Hard)
Campaign: Light Campaign (as opposed to Dark Campaign)

First Impression:
I found the game's graphics to be decent, but the game's environments are unpredictable and dangerous. During the first level, I felt like I was playing an Earthquake simulator instead of an action RPG.

Moving on, after finishing the first level, I started playing the second level where a "useful" archer fights by your side. The only problem is that if you want her to follow you, then you have to move clearly, and slowly. Unlike Farah (in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), when she lands her arrows, then the enemy is pretty much dead. She'll also fight melee if approached more closely.

Second Impression:
Writing the above, I went back and tried the second level again. I began to appreciate the dangerous environment conditions a little more. Sure they were deadly, but I suppose it makes the feeling of an invasion feel more real. This time around, my archer buddy died early on, but I got a soldier to follow along for a moment or so. I guess any of the "allies" will follow you as long as they're alive.

Exiting the castle and out into the open field as in my first run, this time I made sure to land a lot more of my arrows on the big soldier. When he came in melee range, I switched to my sword and only needed to slash him two or three times.

While Enclave had an interesting environment, fighting against enemies weren't as enjoyable and I find it unlikely that I would return to playing it.

I should also note that the graphics, while probably excellent in 2003, is now a bit dated and is more reason for me not to play it.