Video Game Dead Bits (PC) (2014)

Dead Bits (PC) (2014)

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Dead Bits is a first-person shooter that's played in a series of individual levels. Get through each level by destroying all the zombies.

Although I thought Dead Bits was somewhat fun, I'd much rather play a shooter with a good story behind it, like Portal (2007) or Half-Life (1998) (or their sequels Portal 2 and Half-Life 2).

The game is blocky like Minecraft, but there's no crafting element. Perhaps the developer simply wanted to build the stages using Minecraft blocks and made the enemies blocky to fit that design. In any case, I'm not a fan. I would be more than happy to play Minecraft, but this specific Minecraft-like game doesn't suit me.

Level Specific Comments:
In any case, the first level that gave me some trouble and took a lot of tries was level four. One tricky part about it is that the early part of the stage crumbles away. I'm not sure when this starts, but it felt like I bought myself more time by rushing (to get the bat) at the beginning. At the end of level four, with the three large enemies, I ran all the way to the health and just picked them off one by one from there. The first time I reached them, I just ran partway to the health and then tried to kite them, but they managed to walk up and slaughter me.

(Tricky) Level 4
Level 6 is a fresh twist to the game, because it did not involve any shooting - just running and ducking for cover every now and then.

Overall, if you like first-person shooters of all sorts, then give this game a try. But if you also want a strong story or top-notch, cutting edge graphics, then you're better off looking elsewhere.

Level 6