Video Game 10 Second Ninja (PC) (2014)

10 Second Ninja (PC) (2014)

Robot Hitler wants to eliminate ninjas.
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So... what's the best way to defeat all five Nazi robots?
10 Second Ninja is a platformer where you race against the clock.

In each level, you play as a ninja and your goal is to defeat all the Nazi robots within a level in less than 10 seconds (hence the game's title).

Your first battle against Robot Hitler.
While completing a level under 10 seconds is sufficient to proceed with the game, players can strive to unlock one, two, or three stars by beating predetermined benchmarks.

20150524: [20150524 Edit]
Today I played 10 Second Ninja on my laptop on fullscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

He's painting... with no arms.
+ Humorous
+ Levels are short (at most 10 seconds per level - at least on a given run). Perfect for when you expect to be doing something else (e.g., taking out the trash or your MOBA queue pops).
+ Ninjas, robots, and Nazis.

The FUUUUUUUUUU- Steam achievement
- No ghost feature.

While I enjoyed the game and found it just difficult enough to hold my attention, I wish it had a ghost and/or replay feature. With that being said, if you like Super Meat Boy (2010) and have completed it or grown bored of it, but want something similar, then definitely check out 10 Second Ninja.

If you simply like fast-paced games (e.g., Half-Minute Hero (2012)) or games with a humorous story (e.g., Rock of Ages (2011)), then you should also give 10 Second Ninja a try.

Josh didn't believe that the levels were so short so I just had to load up the game and show him.

Steam: 114 minutes (total game time)

20160205 AM Hours:
Having previously completed the first and second world, today I finished the third, fourth, and fifth world. Afterwards I also started going through and improving my star ratings.

Below are some levels I couldn't figure out the first time around accompanied with my personal hint or solution to them:
"It Begins": Shuriken faster than sword.
"Got Wood": Skim head.
"Leaf Me Alone": Maximum range of sword and midair jump.
"Winter Is Coming": Skim foot.
"Lets Play": Maximum range of sword and double jump.
"Emoticons": Full solution:
i) Throw a shuriken at far right robot
ii) Swipe the sword at both the regular and tank robot.
iii) Throw a shuriken through the tank robot towards the right (it will hit the other far right robot)
iv) Swipe the sword before going through the portal, it will kill the last robot.
"<_<": Blue portal. ">_>": Midair jump.
"Run Forest Run": Shuriken faster than sword:
i) Throw a shuriken at far right robot
ii) Single jump and throw a shuriken at the closest robot to the left
iii) Double jump to the right
iv) Double jump to the left
v) Single jump and throw a shuriken to the right
vi) Swipe the sword to the left
Note: vi comes after v because the shuriken takes time to fly

20160205 Evening:
Waiting for my laundry to come out of the washer, I tried to accomplish the last remaining three star levels. While able to get one or two, I had several levels where I could not figure out where to save time.

"Rubber Ice Trays": Full solution:
i) Start to run right, jump and shuriken the far right robot, swipe and kill the other robot nearby, and midair jump onto the icicle.
ii) Throw a shuriken and it'll hit the robot below the icicle on the left.
iii) Jump onto the platform and throw a shuriken.
iv) Double jump and swipe the last robot.

"Red Run", 4.50: I prefer going right. Then I'd jump so the platform falls beneath the robot destroying him. Run to the left, double jump, shuriken to the right, swipe to the left, shuriken to the right, and swipe to the left. Partially theoretical.
"A Rock", 5.60: Shuriken to the right, single jump onto the rock, double jump onto to the right and swipe because I'm already facing that way, turn to the left and shuriken, jump onto the rock, double jump into the air and shuriken to the left and swipe to the right. I don't know which should go first. I have trouble throwing the shuriken first.
"A Hard Place", 5.48: I only trigger the first rock.
"o_o", 1.72, close: I was mainly doing double jump, shuriken, fall into portal, swipe, swipe. I also later tried, single jump into portal, swipe, shuriken, swipe but it was more inconsistent. Eventually I played around with pressing jump while inside the portal.
"Re: Vengence", 1.84, close: I quickly shuriken left and then right, swipe while running/falling into the portal. Jump, slash, and throw a shuriken.
"^_^", 4.94: Swipe first robot. Jump. Double jump up and shuriken. Double jump to platform and shuriken and swipe to kill tank (throwing a shuriken through the blue portal will eventually kill this tank, but its faster to kill it now). Jump and swipe the robot in the air, throw a shuriken through the blue portal, and swipe the final robot.