Television Bob's Burgers (Seasons 4-5)

Today, after finishing Season 4, I started watching Bob's Burgers again for the second time!* I just love it!

*See Television Bob's Burgers (Seasons 1-3).


Yesterday I finished rewatching the first four seasons of Bob's Burgers, and between that time and the time I started (20150415), Season 5 had been released on Netflix. As such, I'll be watching Season 5 for the first time. I will, however, write "2=..." to align the time frame with the above episodes.

Yay, I finally completed Season 5! I can't wait for Season 6 to come to Netflix (speaking in hyperbole).

2: "Wine helps me drink."
2: "Yeah, let's get our tubes tied!"
2: "I can see the wang. I can see the tip."
1=201504??, 2=20160419

2: "You don't have to be good, you just have to be fast." "Why can't all woman want that."
2: Gross! Garbage juice...
2: Throws his show in. "Now our shoes will be together."
1: This episode had its moments. Though it looked like their fort was just made of cardboard which could have easily been ripped open from the inside out, and perhaps they could have crawled under the truck. Anyways...
2: I probably liked it better today.
1=20150408, 2=20160419

1: Title reference is Airplane! (1980)
2: A lute.
1: References to Old Yeller (via pun).
1=20150408, 2=20160419

2: Wait, they came across vibrators in an earlier episode.
2: Ha, "French Hug" - that's where you feel a girl's armpits.
2: Lol. WTF. In the short time span that Tina landed before Gene and Louise, she put on a stranger's pair of underwear.
2: Why would Bob be banned?
1=20150408, 2=20160419

2: "Father of the Brine."
2: Lol. Just sitting on someone's porch.
2: Hehe. Everyone thinks it's Louise.
2: Hahaha. "Put your face in it."
2: The side story with the meat guy is pretty funny
2: "Oh, nevermind, cause I haven't been."
2: I remembered the culprit, but didn't remember the reason.
1=20150408, 2=20160419

2: "I told you, wipe front to back."
2: "...I'm gonna be like Carrie up on stage." References Carrie.
2: "Look, whatever she's paying you, I'll double it and divide it by 10."
2: What a dumb idea (everybody gets a punched eye).
2: This episode actually isn't so bad.
1=20150408, 2=20160427

1: Title references "Stand and Deliver."
2: References "Bond, James Bond."
1,2: "It's not like we can slip meds into their milk... anymore." LOLOL [2: HAHAHA]
1: "I got a dozen over here on the shelf." (Didn't see that coming)
1: Lol, the metal shop teacher sounds like Darth Vader. "Come in."
2: Haha. The customer accepts the request to dance.
2: "You're already my favorite... eldest daughter."
1=20150408, 2=20160427

2: "Day after Halloween" > "Day after Thanksgiving"
2: Haha. That awkward conversation when you learn your daughter still believes in Santa.
2: "Oh, it's creamy just like Jesus."
2: The reaction by Teddy is hilarious.
1: "Dad, where do babies come from?" "You all come from my vagina."
2: Haha. "This is really good. You can't even taste the baby."
1=20150408, 2=20160505

2: Ha. Gene pulls on the girl's hair, but not because he wants to.
2: The strange humor of this episode.
2: Intense pillow fight.
1=20150408, 2=20160505

1: Parodies The Terminator.
2: Haha. "This kitchen is too shiny!" (Parodies Jurassic Park (1993))
2: I like how Tina runs with her arms straight down to her sides.
2: Hahahaha. Their discussion at the end of the brownie surprise is pretty funny.
2: But its a bit self-incriminating to write about the prank and execute it.
1=20150408, 2=20160512

2: Why wouldn't Tammy invite Tina? Are they not friends?
2: Hehe. At least Louise is honest, "Soft maybe."
2: "You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right."
2: "Tina, you owe me one." [Though eventually she kind of gives up.]
1=20150408, 2=20160512

2: Hmm, seemed like an innocent mistake but they didn't cut Bob any slack.
2: "Hey, you woke us up. What gives, Teddy? We need our sleep. We're so little."
2: "Oh go fax yourself."
1: Teddy was cool. Haha. Good episode. Well, Bob and Linda were a little crazy. Funny ending.
2: Great ending.
2: Ha, the dancing at the credits with the hair baby is pretty funny.
1=20150408, 2=20160512

2: Underwear
2: Regular-sized Rudy!
2: That is pretty mean that kids have to be in that empty room for four hours.
2: Ha. When she jumps off.
2: They could just walk up part of the way.
2: Hahaha. "Why are your shoes muddy?" "Because, because I'm poor. Oh I'm so poor." "And why are you in your underwear?" "Because I'm rich!"
2: Rudy's gag about his chocolate allergy was good.
1: Wine and chocolate spots.
2: The credits feature them in their spots.
1=20150408, 2=20160512

2: "It was just two small coincidences." "That's what I call my testicles."
1: "Oh my God, I Keyser Söze'd myself!"
1=20150408, 2=20160513

2: Gene traded shifts with "Antonio"
2: Why would her mom just leave her by herself in a convention full of grown men.
2: Hahaha. It has a camel toe. XD
2: "Abort abort, take your cyanide pill."
2: Haha. This guy is crazy.
2: Hehe. His pronunciation of "tattoo."
2: "Tina, play with the doll." Haha. The things you do for your kids.
1=201504??, 2=20160513

2: Hehe. Her left eye twitches. Her right also twitches when she turns her head, but it's only the left when she looks straight.
2: "Why couldn't that whale poop three equally sized poops like I do."
2: "I don't know, I kind of miss twitch-faced Louise."
2: I like how the writers subtly slip in this fact: "Who poked out his brother's eye?"
1=201504??, 2=20160513

2: Lol. They brush right before coming. Hmm. At least it seems Gene doesn't brush. Apparently Tina keeps her teeth pretty clean.
2: He waited 8 minutes instead of the full 10. Lol.
2: Ha, she's thought it through. [Two years ago as a seven-year old!]
2: Haha. Linda's maniacal laughter.
2: "Parenting books. There are parenting books?"
2: Lol. Great way to go to sleep.
2: Ha. Kicks the blender. Everybody has to start over.
2: "Why are any of us here?"
2: Oh, I didn't remember that it was Gale's idea.
1: Great dentist visit.
2: Hahaha. "You did it Louise. And it didn't... inconvenience... anyone at all."
1=201504??, 2=20160513

2: Ha. The cheer advisor is interesting.
2: That was actually quite clever, Bob asked who cheers for the cheerleaders when they compete
1=201504??, 2=20160514

2: Oh Linda...
2: Oh, I forgot there was a musical portion.
2: Haha. "...cause you're wishy washy!"
2: "Woo. My pants are moist, but not wet. Oh, that part's wet."
2: The credits are a bit like the opening of a James Bond film.
1=201504??, 2=20160514

2: "Hey what are you looking at, my boobs are up here."
2: "Oh, that's Mr. Fischoeder's butt."
2: Another number.
2: Ha! In the credits, Gene was eating shrimp and Tina ran off. And I wondered, what is she doing? She eventually comes back with the lock off in one hand and the key in the other.
1: Finished the last episode.
1=20150415, 2=20160514

2: Working Girl (1988)
2: Die Hard (1988).
2: Haha. Two rows of teeth.
2: That falling was awesome.
2: "Work Hard or Die Trying Girl."
2: Carly Simon in the credits.

2: Another Halloween episode.
2: Ryan Gosling from 'Drive.'
2: Louise is so calm.
2: Hehe. Tina.
2: Hahaha. "We've been dead for..." Bob stops them. "Do you take credit cards?"

2: "Just tell your teacher you have sciatica."
2: Ha. Gene, Tina, and Gene hop into bed with Linda. She happily calls it a seal platform.
2: Hehe, curling.
2: "They call it ice." "It's gonna change the world."
2: Ha. The real glass and concrete.
2: Home instead of the hospital.

2: Rudy catches the bottle and successfully shuts of the ride.
2: Haha. Yelling at the turkey baster.
2: Hahahaha. They all flip the birds the bird.
2: Hehe. Bob jams to "Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)" by Donna Summer

2: "Calm down, Dad. What is black garlic?"
2: Gene'ing out. He's a verb.
2: Haha. He beat the train.
2: "Bob Marley give me strength!"
2: The credits has the kids covered in fudge (from the hot fudge car wash).

2: "Baby, You Can Chive My Car" as a reference to the Beatle's song "Drive My Car"
2: What a setup. "I spilled my beans."

2: Hehe, Louise would definitely fit into Troop 257 more. But it's nice she happily wanted to wear the bracelet.
2: The end credits shows Bob in a garbage outfit (cause in the episode he asked Gene to get him one next time)

2: How rude, haha.
2: "One hall pass to rule them all!"
2: Lol, that sock bit was pretty funny.
2: The thing is, she's trying to sidestep that his drawings are bad, but
2: Hahaha. "There's more than one way to the principal's office... there are two ways."
2: Haha. What an art lesson.

2: They settle the dispute with Gene's hairy mole.
2: Lol. I was curious how Louise would start winning.
2: "Dibs on not handling it."
2: In the credits they're both cooking with one hand on the trophy.
2: Oh, and Gene is seen waving the flag.

2: Linda is so weird. "If you have to sleep with her..."
2: Ha. "I bet when you reconnect in your 30's you'll get married." Funny, but true.
2: Ha. A music number.
2: "You're so small, but you're so strong."
2: Lol. That's perfect.
2: Ha. It fell off.

2: An oil change....
2: Strawberry & Dish Rag
2: What the heck? Why does Louise pee in the tub?
2: They really make use of Aziz in this episode.

2: References Indiana Jones.
2: Ha. Louise screwing Jimmy Junior over.
2: "I'll vote for you Louise." "Thanks Andy." "I'm Ollie! [...]" "Which one am I?"
2: WTF. How did he actually expect to win: hammer vs. knife.

2: This episodes a bit all over the place. It's one of those three-story episodes.

2: True Lies
2: Haha. RC helicopter warfare
2: This episode was a bit all over the place (two separate fronts: girls and boys)
2: One of the best endings to an episode: Tina in her own way nails the report and her whole family plus Teddy is outside the window.

2: Ha! "Well someone did."
2: Lol. Both freak out.
2: Three date nights a year. Wow.
2: Ha. Poor chincilla.

2: Hehe. All of them in the class makes me think of The Breakfast Club. [Then I looked at the episode title and it's called The Runway Club]
2: "I'm a boy."
2: Haha. He turned to the needle.
2: Lol. Unlucky. The Belchers only lost round one 'cause Tina knocked over the pictures.
2: "Yes, let's say yes."
2: What the fuck is this woman. Haha.
2: That's not fair! Zeke's a wrestler!
2: "You can take X, but you can't take Y!"
2: "We got screwed, but Jimmy got screwed more."
2: Lol, but Tammy has her hair band...
2: A parody of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" plays. This song was in The Breakfast Club.

2: Gross.
2: Harry and Sally.
2: Billy and Crystal.
2: Top Gun

2: I'm gonna Charleston on your face.

2: Hehe. That twist.
2=20170226 AM

2: Haha. Meg Ryan Festival.
2: Gene says Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were tricked into reuniting for Lethal Weapon 3.
2=20170226 AM

2: Mr. Fischoeder is clever.
2: Hahahaha. Tina runs away after she pitted Zeke and Jimmy Pesto against each other.
2: Ha. How he sends his laundry to the main house.
2: "Goodbye kiss." "Goodbye kiss." muah muah muah muah muah
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