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I absolutely love Bob's Burgers, but I find myself unable to pinpoint any episodes which rise above the rest. I suppose to me, they're all equally great. But when thinking of an episode to share with any friends who aren't already into Bob's Burgers, I draw a blank.

I reasoned to myself this effect is due to the importance of getting to know the characters by watching Season 1 episodes in order. In fact, this was what I had to go through in order to fully grasp and enjoy South Park. Before doing so, I would watch episodes of South Park and have thoughts like, "I don't get it," "That's not funny," and "Cartman's an asshole." (well... he's still an asshole, but in a brighter light).

Anyways, I've had a couple of friends say they can't watch Bob's Burgers because all they hear is Archer (same voice actor, H. Jon Benjamin). I honestly don't think this should be the reason for not watching one or the other. They're both great.

20150308-20150313: Watched Season 1

20150314-20150316: Watched Season 2

20150316-20150323: Watched Season 3

I learned various things about the show today from Wikipedia. Here are two interesting facts:
1) The voice actor for Louise Belcher is Kristen Schaal, the actress who played Mel on Flight of the Conchords.
2) Tina Belcher was originally Daniel Belcher, that sort of explains why she's voiced by a male actor.

Today, after finishing Season 4,* I started watching Bob's Burgers again for a second time! I just love it!

*See Television Bob's Burgers (Seasons 4-5).


1: This show is so hilarious.
2: Oh, I guess she's not autistic (her dad assures)
1: References Rain Man. "How many toothpicks on the ground?" "300" "3"
1: References Sweeney Todd.
1: 4%. Ha.
1: Haha. "I'd try it."
1=20150308, 2=20150415

2: "It's like a bunch of Chewbaccas."
2: "Do you see a Lion, a Witch, or a Wardrobe?"
2: "The girls of Coyote Ugly."
1: Are you the ghost from the movie Ghost?
1: Are you the ghost from the movie Ghost Dad?
1=20150308, 2=20150415

1: It's his kids against him.
1: "Dial 'M' for Murder"
1: Mission A-Corn-Plished
1: Like sands through the hourglass...
1=20150308, 2=20150415(?)

1: Capoeira episode.
1=20150308, 2=20150415(?)

1: The robbery.
1: Cute ending. "Tina, take a bow girl!"
1=20150308, 2=20150415(?)

1: Jimmy Jr.
1: "I was only on that one site for like two seconds!"
1=20150308, 2=20150415(?)

2: Louise's room was formerly a walk-in closet.
2: Oh, it's the light-up animal! Teddy says it freaks him out a bit (it shows up dominantly in the episode where Bob stays in the walls)
2: "This is where I thrash." "Yeah, I'll stand, thank you very much." (She actually just stands there)
2: "You're crazy, Linda."
1: This BnB episode wasn't so interesting, but it helps develop the mom and Louise as characters
1=20150310, 2=20150806

1: "You smell like ointment and pee!"
2: "Reflections."
2: Tina painted her dentist (Bob points this out later)
1: Ha. She's like a modern-day Wednesday. (Louise cutting Gene's ear off)
2: I wonder what percentage of episodes have Mort and Teddy eating at Bob's Burgers.
2: Ha. 28-year-old albino friend.
1: References Winnie The Pooh (Heffalumps and Woozles)
2: Introduction of so many characters: Gale, two old people, Andy and Ollie, and the two cops
2: "Cut me open and crawl inside me." (possibly a reference to Star Wars)
1=20150311, 2=20150806

1: Banjo, play on Rango?
2: The Doors - People Are Strange plays.
2: "The menstruation station?"
2: "I warned you skank!"
2: Tina holds up the other end of the spaghetti, but Jimmy Jr. doesn't take it.
2: "Hey Colleen, why don't you put these balls in your face?"
1=20150312, 2=20151009

2: "He is one white cat away from being a super villain."
2: The lunch lull at 12: 30. Ha.
1: References West Side Story
2: "And you said I was crazy for carrying this around."
2: Braveheart
2: Meatsiah
2: "We can put on some Boyz II Men and I can slow dance."
2: The rumble has a drum beat like West Side Story. At least I think.
2: He asks, "Do you cry easily?" [Mort and Teddy nod yes.]
1=20150312, 2=20151010

2: "And now... I will get this guy out."
2: The bus from Speed.
2: Ha, he only sees the movie after finishing the model.
2: "And stay away from the computer! Not because of porn..."
2: Haha. "...It doesn't come from here, it comes from here." "My boob?" "[sighs] Yes, Tina, your boob." [...]
2: Crazy kids.
2: Robot wieners.
1,2: "Eh, just put some bleach on it." [2: Technically they could file a suit for the losses incurred due to Hugo closing their restaurant down for an entire weekend, but its just a cartoon]
2: Oh, I didn't remember that. Apparently he only fell in because the officer shot him. It's the officer's fault.
2: Ha. Ron sings the Wingman song.
2: Ha. Hugo has a small "badge", which Gretchen didn't mind, but apparently he didn't know how to use it.
1=20150312, 2=20151010

2: Linda mentions Carrie.
2: "I rub my genitals on the couch!"
1=20150312, 2=20151010

2: "Order up."
2: Haha. Gene didn't remember the name of the restaurant.
2: "You're my favorite. Don't tell Angel..."
2: Haha. "Is it me? Is it abortions?"
2: Kharma.
1: Lol. that ending.
1: "Angel, but don't tell Phenom."
1=20150313, 2=20151010

2: Ha. Louise leaves a fake her, Gene leaves the garbage, and Tina leaves a sticky with her name on it.
2: "Don't tell anyone." (Las Vegas)
1: Predictable ending, but nice sentiment in the episode.
1=20150314, 2=20151010

1: Parody of Dog Day Afternoon
2: HA! "They'll finger anything with a pulse."
2: "No! Not my SEX.U.V."
1=20150314, 2=20151010

2: References Star Wars with the heavy breathing.
2: "What up my knitter?"
2: Flashdance (1983).
2: "Marco." "Wahlberg."
2: References Ghost (1990) pottery scene (Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore)
2: "Ahhhh. Anthrax! Anthrax smells like babies!"
1: References Caddyshack. (poop in the pool)
2: "Next time I do this, I'm getting an epidural."
2: "Jezebel"
1: References Star Wars with the heavy breathing
1: This episode was just alright.
1=20150315, 2=20151010

1: Burger Boss.
2: Bob1
2: "Please stop, we're just leasing it."
2: "REDRUM, REDRUM." (The Shining)
2: "He had sex and we happened! Deal with it!"
2: "You know what's free? Loading."
2: "Soccer." "Church." "Desert Storm."
2: WTF. "You gotta press your wiener against the machine."
2: When Darryl says "Who's Tyler? Tyler's my bully. He can show up at any time. Stay focused!" I could hear Aziz Ansari's voice. I did not, however know that Ansari did the voice for Darryl.
2: "I'm not a nerd. I'm a video game enthusiast."
2: Jimmy Pesto holds up "BOBSUX" to the window like in "Good Will Hunting."
2: Hahaha. "I'm not 60 by the way."
1: I definitely enjoyed the arcade theme of this episode.
1: Overall I like this episode more than the last.
1=20150315, 2=20151010

2: Linda mentions Pretty Woman.
2: "Black Beauty to Music Man and The Godfather."
1: Dina
2: Louise is smart, but occasionally shows that she's still a kid: "Did I win!?!"
1=20150316, 2=20151010

1: Linda is crazy haha. Encouraging Bob.
1: That sibling rivalry.
1: The Prince of Persuasia. A play on The Prince of Persia.
2: Haha. "Children lead to intercourse."
2: Poor Bob.
1: The ending credits with various Prince of Persuasia "tips."
1=20150316, 2=20151011

2: "If looks could kale."
2: Haha. Carne asada is beef.
1: Borat. "My wife."
1: Jumper cables.
1: "All aboard the burger train."
1: Reference to Reservoir Dogs (1992). Song plays when Mr. Blond tortures Marvin Nash.
2: "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm." "Great, another one of these calls. Get a girlfriend."
1=20150316, 2=20151011

1: Lol. A collection of Erotic television.
1: "Yes, I wear glasses, not hearing aids, Mom."
1: Lol, Bob gets into the clapping.
1: Margarita mix. No alcohol, haha.
1,2: Hahaha! "Ahh. Bathroom clowns!" [2: I didn't see it coming]
2: "It's not fun for everyone, Bob."
2: They sneak into an R rated movie called "Never Ending Gory," a play on The NeverEnding Story (1984)
2: Tina comes in a bit like the Apple commercial.
2: Ha. "Was the Jimmy Jr. in your story me?"
1: Parts of this episode were great.
2: The ending theme song has clapping (like from a CAKE show).
1=20150316, 2=20151011

2a: "Fine, but move the dishes."
2a: "Rachel Ray over here." "With bigger hips."
2a,2b: "Last one in the pool is Tina!"
Bob: Get me habanero peppers!
Louis: I'll call my guy. Ring, ring.
B: Let me talk to him.
L: That's a fake phone.
B: I don't care. What's your name? I don't speak Spanish.
L: I do. Hola, combre se hombre, habanero pepper.
1=20150316, 2a=20151011, 2b=20160403

Tom Bush: Uh, what's your name?
Mudflap: Mudflap.
T: Oh, Mudflap, uh that was my grandmother's name.
M: Really?
T: No, no. You're named after a dirty part of a truck.
1: This was as intelligent as some of the other episodes. But good on the ears.
1=20150316, 2=20160403

2: "I got 42 maybe's Bob, who can plan for that?"
2: Edward Scissorhands.
2: Hahaha, she throws the phone up and instead of making it into the car it misses and breaks.
2: Ha, they don't share any of their full bars with Gene.
1: This, however, was an interesting episode.
1=20150316, 2=20160403

1: "I don't get it!"
2b: They joke about it, but also sort of admit it: Linda has a drinking problem
2b: "I may have some idea of *exactly* where it is."
1=20150316, 2a=20160403 , 2b=20160410

1: Ha. Titanic drawing scene. Titanic drawing scene. Titanic sinking. Titanic drawing scene.
2: References The Shining: Room 308
1: This episode was weird.
1=20150316, 2=20160410

1: Is that a Totoro reference?
2: Yeah, I'm pretty sure its a My Neighbor Totoro reference.
1=20150316, 2=20160410

1a: Jaws?
1a,2a: Free Willy reference, with a shark.
1a: Now Jaws?
1a,2a: Teddy does the fake chalk scratch. I think that was in Jaws.
1b: Rewatched this from beginning to end.
2: Louise holds up the fake shark fin and asks, "Who wants soup!?!"
1a=20150316, 1b=20150317, 2a=20160410

2: Lol. The only car in the restaurant.
2: Haha. Bob screams, Tina screams, Linda screams, Louise happily runs in screaming, and Gene runs in with his keyboard.
1: What a twist.
2: "Scare him, how?" "Boo!"
2: Hahaha: "Watch me break this plate and a window!"
1=20150317, 2=20160410

2b: Lol, fruit and vegetable skins.
2b: "Oh, yeah? When are you gonna tell Mom how you really feel?"
2b: Gene makes the moan that Tina usually makes!
2b: Hahaha, "Gene, I'm so sorry."
1: This episode was meh.
2b: I guess the episode wasn't so bad.
1=20150318, 2a=20160410, 2b=20150412

2: Weird plot twist.
2: "Stop you sickos!" "What?" "No not you guys."
1: What an unexpected (bad) ending. It implies he is rich and was unwilling to pay for the love of his life with his own money.
1=20150318, 2=20160412

2: Freaky Friday on a loop.
2: References Terminator: Judgement Day.
1: This episode turned out better than I expected.
2: Lol, the credits consist of Linda singing her braiding song, Linda and Louise playing laser tag, and Gene walking in butt naked like during the middle of the episode.
1=20150318, 2=20160412

2: Haha. Throws rat feces out from his pockets.
1: It's so surprising the way they find various ways for Bob to interact with Hugo.
1=20150318, 2=20160412

2: "I, uh, probably only poop once a week."
2: Disgusting, how does the poop get put in all these places.
2: Hahaha. "Tammy, watch out!" [push]
2: "Huh, I just rememebered how to make paella."
1: I really like this episode. Especially cause Gene as mini-Bob was funny.
1=20150319, 2=20160413

2: "She's a real keeper." "She's okay." [Louise has the best lines]
2: "I'll have a seven and seven. No! Make it an eight and eight." "Make mine a double, would you. A sixteen and sixteen, thank you."
2: References Back to the Future: Tina says she's starting to disappearing.
1: Good episode, though not as good as the previous one.
1=20150319, 2=20160413

1: Greg Kinnear from As Good As It Gets.
1: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1: "I can't reach." [moves closer] "Shh."
1: "If there's one thing I know is that sex sells. So we just have to find sex and sell it."
1=20150319, 2=20160412

S3E15: "O.T.: The Outside Toilet"*
*E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [20150320: Apparently the entire episode is a parody of E.T.]
1: Ghostbusters
1: Stand by Me
1: Stand and Deliver
1,2a: "I'm watching you" signal = "Ah, he wants to switch eyes!"
2b: "I can make my knees smile."
2b: Oh, I forgot how this episode ended.
1=20150319, 2a=20160413, 2b=20160416

2: "You learn something new."
1: I like the spice rack more than the spi-ceps.
1: "...Squel Magnolias!?!" "War Horse."
1: That's the best song thus far. "Electric Love."
1: The first time (I think) where the ending credits aren't in some way taking place in the Bob's Burgers kitchen.
1=20150319, 2=20160416

1: Whispers to Tina "Don't end up like your father." Bob asks, "What?" Linda changers her whisper to Bob and whispers, "Don't end up like your father."
1: Linda is just so ridiculous sometimes.
1: Lol. The drama.
2: "Roses"
1,2: Jimmy Jr. climbs up the curtains like silks!
1: The credits is just the T.I.N.A. song again. (T.I.N.A. song is in essence a parody of L.O.V.E.)
1=20150319, 2=20160416

1: They sort of reused their spit in the pool to fill it joke. Except this time they actually did it.
1,2: Hahaha. "Oh wow, the red pairs nicely with the white."
1: "Adventurous" ("Swingers")
2: "I hate feathers!"
2: Balloon...
1: The domain is registered ( and plays a YouTube video of Linda's mother grabbing a balloon from her father, sitting on it, and popping it.
2: "Thank you, Bob!" "No problem, Al." "Oh no, I wasn't talking to you."
1: Lol. "Where are their arms and legs?"
1=20150319, 2=20160416

1: The set of Family Fracas is a bit like Family Feud.
2: Ha. That Dawson skit.
2: Family Feud is mentioned later.
2: What? Who takes someone else's popcorn without inviting them.
1: Oh so weird. No justice for them by the end of this episode. I guess its just what has to happen.
2: Pam's Court theme song is the end credits song.
1=20150319, 2=20160419

2: Haha. That's me when I get a more substantial cut.
2: Dottie Minerva's name
2: "I stole a tomato, I'm sorry!"
2: The blood splatter in the car reminded me of Pulp Fiction.
1: Lol. What an ending. Loved it. (Rock-Paper-Scissors)
1=20150319, 2=20160419

2: "Javier Belcher."
2: Clever. "No, Dad. I don't set where I eat." [A play on "Don't shit where you eat."]
2: "Boo Boo!"
2: "Cute? He's the reason faces were invented, you idiot!"
2: "You mean kiss?" "No, I mean snap."
2: Hahaha. That slap. Especially after all that mumbling.
2: Ha, one of the best end credit songs.
1=201503??, 2=20160419

2: "I never knew anyone with a boob fetish."
2: Haha. "Drop your pants..."
1: That's one of the most touching endings in the show.
2: Ha! Rudy leans in also.
2: "I've got a yum-yum, you got a penis."

2: "Woulda Coulda Gouda. You Gouda Be Kidding Me. As Gouda As It Gets. Gouda Gouda Gumdrops. A Few Gouda Men. Gouda Gouda Two Shoes... comes with shoes. Gouda Day, Sir."
2: Lol. 98mph and homeruns.
2: "I told you you'd like stealing." "Eh... yeah I do."
2: "Last chance to earn my love guys." "Hahahaha." "I love that joke."
2: Rudy!
2: "Hey, this is where our dad goes for his naps."
1: This episode had some good parts and okay parts.
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