Video Game Don't Starve Together (PC) (2016)

I played Don't Starve Together for the first time with some friends.

Wolfgang (top right, Chris), Wendy (bottom, Steph), and Wilson (center, me)
Also Abigail (far left, summoned by Wendy)

Gameplay Log 1:
Chris made a Survival server. Steph and I joined.
It was getting dark.
I didn't know how to find Chris and Steph.
I died.
Steph tried to find spiders to revive me.
Eventually I was resurrected.

Then a Treeguard came and killed Steph and I.
Then we restarted the server.

Gameplay Log 2:
This game was going better than the last.
Thomas was available to play, but couldn't join.

Gameplay Log 3:
Steph made a Wilderness server with more Beffalo.
It's fun though I had to try hard to survive.

First Impressions:
There didn't seem to be much wiggle room for design like with Terraria.

Overall, I can see the appeal of Don't Starve Together, but I personally like the pacing of Terraria more. Terraria requires less micromanagement compared to Don't Starve Together.

Today I played a little of this game with my friend Avishaan and his roommate.

Woodie (me), Wendy (Avishaan), Willow (20160422)

Despite communicating to each other in the same room (and somehow experience lag while playing on a LAN network) spreading out and exploring proved difficult when we realized that our map orientations were different.*

*Players start out in the same orientation, but Q & E will rotate the map away from the starting orientation (45 degrees counterclockwise and clockwise, respectively).

Steam Game Time: 7 hours (total game time)

Don't Starve Together (PC) (2016)

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Willow (me) burning down a forest...