Video Game Resident Evil 6 (PC) (2013)

Overview: Resident Evil 6 is a first-person shooter.

Today I began with the tutorial and it ended with the prompt, "Back for more?" From there, the menu gives the player one of four campaigns to choose from.

My friend started the Leon campaign and after he watched the cutscene he invited me to join the session. I joined as the girl (Helena) and we head out. Unfortunately, an NPC we found got stuck in an aisle and we couldn't open the door.

To see if quitting would help (my friend had to head to sleep soon anyways), I quit and apparently my character also started to bug.

Note that my friend also encountered a bug (possibly reoccurring for now) where his game is pitch black for five minutes before it finally loads.

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Today my friend and I tried playing some more Resident Evil 6. This time I started a campaign and watched the first scene. However, since I set the join option to private, I could not invite him to the game and he could not join it. Since I had just started the campaign, I quit, invited him, and started the campaign.

Getting into the game, we quickly got passed the part that gave us trouble the first time around.

Eventually, we encountered a part in the game where we triggered an alarm and fought off a bunch of zombies. At this point, there were many item drops, but since we were busy fighting the zombies we didn't pick any of them up. Unexpectedly, a cutscene was triggered which moved the characters through the door and away from the hoard. Then a checkpoint was created and I was left with almost no ammunition.

Luckily, we were just playing on Normal and ammunition could readily be found. However, it was annoying that all the item drops prior to the event trigger were just left behind. (Actually, the characters eventually retrace their steps to that hallway, but the items will have already disappeared.)

Soon we found ourselves in a tunnel and some time along this tunnel my friend got disconnected. Unfortunately, again because the join option was set to private, I could not invite him to the game.

While we pondered on the idea of quitting and seeing what the last checkpoint would have been, my friend alt-tabbed and the game crashed on him. Then, due to his loading bug, he decided to stop playing for the day. Meanwhile, I left the game session and returned with the join option set to allow players to join.

Then, since my friend didn't join, I eventually had a stranger join my game (I had played with an AI from the start of the tunnel to the point where the player characters enter the subway).

Steam Game Time: 72 minutes (total game time)

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Most of the games I play are simple and upon playing a game like Resident Evil 6, I am wowed by the graphics. Two other games which I have played recently in this respect are Half-Life 2 and Skyrim. In any case, while the game was amazing to look at, it did a terrible job of teaching me how to play the game.

Explicitly, the game taught me how to move, shoot, and use an herb, but there were many other actions which were omitted from the tutorial. This include dodging, rolling, inventory use, and switching weapons.

In fact, my friend and I still don't exactly know how the aiming reticule works with respect to headshots. One thing I do know is that the red dot will grow to maximum size when the placement for the headshot is correct. What I don't know, however, is why the red dot doesn't stay in the center of the crosshair.

In any case, another aspect of the game which can be hit or miss was its heavy use of quick-time events. While sometimes quick-time events are fun and welcome, they become a pain when unexpected or ambiguous.

For example, in Chapter 1-2, a train is coming and a quick-time event initiates. While the train is on its way, the player can press the set of buttons as soon as the prompt comes up (as opposed to waiting for when the train comes close). This was reasonable.

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