Video Game KickBeat: Steam Edition (PC) (2014)

KickBeat: Steam Edition (PC) (2014)*
*KickBeat (PS3) (2013)

Occasionally a scene activates.
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KickBeat is a run-of-the-mill rhythm game with a martial arts theme. Press the correct buttons to the beat as enemies come in from the top, bottom, left, and right.

I activated the left shoulder button, but I forgot what it does. (20150202)
While KickBeat may look cool, it doesn't offer anything new, such as rhythm and RPG game Sequence (PC) (2011). If you're really into rhythm games then by all means check out KickBeat, otherwise you're better off playing traditional rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero.

Today I started this game, playing the first tutorial and starting the second tutorial. Unfortunately, in the middle of the second tutorial, the game crashed on me and I didn't feel like starting it up again.*

Another example of a scene activating.
*Note that various games will crash due to the presence of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), but most only crash the moment the recording button is pressed. Regardless, I didn't always feel like resuming right away.

20150106: [20150514 Edit]
Today I tried playing again, picking up with the second tutorial and almost finishing the third. Unfortunately, the game crashed in the middle of the third tutorial. This time, however, I wasn't running OBS.

Taking screenshots while playing is hard. I'm in the danger zone!
While I have yet to play the game, I can confirm that the game is basically just your average rhythm game with a martial arts skin attached to it.

Despite the crash, this time I gave the chance and started it up again after a couple of minutes passed. Apparently I was only moments from the ending of the third tutorial! In any case, I started the first level and definitely agree with my initial opinion: the game is practically your average rhythm game.

With that being said, it is kind of nice to have the "notes" (enemies) coming in from the four directions instead of from top to bottom or bottom to top. I suppose this scheme also benefits from directly correlating with the arrow keys and/or gamepad buttons.

Unfortunately, once again, the game crashed. This time it crashed after the level ended. Rather annoyed, I stopped playing and felt like I would never play again.

I played the first and second level today in order to take some screenshots. Playing them gave me a more positive opinion of the game, but it's still just plain vanilla.

Today I played seven more levels of KickBeat and found it interesting that the game had a story.

While playing, I also remembered another positive point about the game: enemies (notes) circle in from the outside and so the scrolling effect (notes scrolling down or up) created in rhythm games like Guitar Hero and DDR does not occur.

With that being said, KickBeat (on normal) feels more difficult than Guitar Hero and DDR.

Remark: The game didn't detect my Logitech Dual Action gamepad and so I just used the keyboard.

Tip: The enemies are color-coded. Red enemies come in pairs (e.g., press two directions simultaneously). Blue enemies will come fast (I think if one comes on the beat, the one after it will come on a half-beat). Yellow enemies are sometimes linked (press the direction on the first of the pair and hold the direction down. Releasing the button on the second enemy).

Tip: Activating chi temporarily doubles the score multiplier.