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20150120: [20150214]
There was a big power outage today which our workspace as well as other businesses stretched out along an entire block. Unable to work without an internet connection, my coworker and I decided to go look for some dessert. Unfortunately, many establishments had temporarily closed due to the lack of power.

Eventually walking far enough north to where power had resumed, we decided to have some gelato. While most flavors were probably discarded, some flavors remained.

I wrote: "Pomegranate and cinnamon. The texture of the pomegranate reminds me of a sorbet. The cinnamon initially tastes like Big Red chewing gum. However, this taste eventually subsides. Despite being partially melted, I thought it tasted good." 3:30PM PT

I look forward to coming back and trying gelato from Lush when the gelato is more solid.

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