Video Game Thirty Flights of Loving (PC) (2012)

Thirty Flights of Loving (PC) (2012)

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While this game was short and quick, it was also intense and surprisingly effective. Without words or detailed instructions, the game leaves the players to piece together the story entirely through the game's visuals.

When the game was over (after about fifteen/twenty minutes), I was left asking myself questions like, "What did I just play!?!" and "Is that it!?!"

In the end, the game told a great story in a short time frame. As such, it was definitely worth my time. However, it was not amazing enough for me to run out and recommend it to all my friends.

Today I came across this title in my Steam library and remembered enjoying it. As such, I came back to this post to see what I had written. It then came to my surprise that I had ended the post on such a negative sounding comment - especially since I rarely go running out and directly recommending games to all my friends.

In particular, I can only think of a handful of games which I have talked about with respect to recommendations within the last several months: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, ibb & obb, Thomas Was Alone, Electronic Super Joy).

Getting back to the point, I would like to amend my previous post and say that playing Thirty Flights of Loving almost feels like being part of a short action movie and that's a great feeling. So although it's short, I would recommend it, because it's not often a game can provide that sort of experience.

As a side note, it's coincidentally been one year since I've played this game.