Video Game Strike Suit Zero (PC) (2013)

Strike Suit Zero (PC) (2013)

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Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game where you pilot a spacecraft and are sent on various combat missions such as "destroy all enemy ships" or "defend ally spaceship until reinforcements arrive." At some point in the game, you can also convert between a regular spacecraft and a mecha ("Strike Mode").

Short Recommendation:
As far as I know, I'm not good at flight combat games which involves a vehicle (plane/spacecraft) flying in three-dimensional space. In such games, both you and the enemies are moving and gunning enemy ships in this setting is difficult for me.

With that being said, I enjoy plenty of games which are difficult (for example, most first-person shooters) and this game simply didn't bring any enjoyment. In particular, I was hoping to acquire the "Strike Mode" (play as a mecha), but apparently that happens later in the game. Overall, I wouldn't recommend the game to any of my friends, but if you're into space combat games then perhaps you should consider it with reservation.

[20141221 Edit]
I tried playing Strike Suit Zero today and the only thing I can really say is that this game is not for me. Similar to The Polynomial: Space of the music (PC) (2009), Strike Suit Zero is a flight combat game and I'm terrible at gunning down enemies. While at least this game had a storyline, it was initially too difficult to comprehend.

I would mention the closest game to Strike Suit Zero which I do enjoy playing is Star Fox 64, but the two are actually quite dissimilar. In Star Fox 64, it's clear where the enemies are, the weapon system is simple, and the movement is fluid. In contrast, Strike Suit Zero's enemies are in three-dimensional space, tracking them is difficult, the weapon system is convoluted, and the movement feels sluggish and boring.

Unfortunately, I didn't even like the graphics* or the story, and ultimately that means that the game had nothing going for me.

*On 20150131, I was looking at some of the screenshots and they looked pretty cool.

Overall, if you're into flight combat games, then you might enjoy Strike Suit Zero. Unfortunately I am not really into them and I did not enjoy Strike Suit Zero. In fact, I wasn't even interested enough to play to the part where you can switch into "Strike Mode."