Video Game Legend of Dungeon (PC) (2013)

Legend of Dungeon (PC) (2013)

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Legend of Dungeon is beat'em up dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements with support for four-player local co-op.

Timmy T and J Dizzle (20131223)
In Legend of Dungeon, its your job to explore a randomly generated dungeon and collect as much gold as you can without dying. Defeat enemies to gain experience, gold, and items.

Got a potion? Maybe you should drink it. Careful though, because you won't know what it is unless you drank the same colored potion in the same run.

While the game isn't the best experience in terms of control, discovering the many different items available and playing the game with friends is a decent reason to get the game. You should, however, be okay with repeatedly dying.

Timmy T and C Fizzle (20140110)
20131223: [20150119]
Possibly my first time playing Legend of Dungeon. I played with my friend Josh (J Dizzle).

20140110: [20140119]
After playing a little Botanicula, my friend Chris (C Fizzle) and I played some Legend of Dungeon. While Josh was also over, he had fallen asleep while we were playing Botanicula.

Today I check out the game by myself (Tim the Giant), possibly for the first time.

Some more solo gameplay.

20141229: [20150119 Edit]
Today, after Megabyte Punch, I played some Legend of Dungeon with Chris and Michael. Technically Josh was supposed to join us, but he was fast asleep. In any case, we each used a controller and our first run was terrible. We did, however, get an achievement out of it: Bar Brawl. Unlocked: Dec 29, 2014 @ 11:10pm.

Our second run went a bit more smoothly, with Chris becoming quite powerful, especially with his pen! (He didn't realize how strong it was when he first got it though.)

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Mike, Tim, and Chris.*
*For once we just use normal names!
For fun, the pen shoots ink and you can use it to mark where you've been, similar to the spray paint.

You can also squirt the ink on other players. The ink will stay until they wash it off at a water source!

On a different note, one game aspect I never noticed before is how some characters can jump further/higher than others.