Video Game HOARD (PC) (2011)

HOARD (PC) (2011)*
*HOARD (PS3) (2010)

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HOARD is a real-time strategy game where you're a fire-breathing dragon that flies around the map trying to collect gold. Do so by burning towns, ransoming princesses, and various other activities.

Not only is collecting gold good for points, but you will also level up and decide which skills to increase. The options include speed, attack damage (fire-breathing), gold carrying capacity, and defense.

[20141221 Edit]
Today I started by playing the first tutorial level of HOARD twice and finished with the second tutorial level. Note that to access the second tutorial level, just change the map, not the level.

From this first encounter with the game, I would say it seems pretty fun and leaves the player with many possible strategies. Having only played the tutorial, I've yet to determine any good strategies, but that's all part of the fun.

In regards to which skills to level up first, my guess is this should depend on the stage of the game, your priorities, and the other players/AI.

Getting ready for bed, I stopped playing after the tutorial. I will, however, return to this game and eventually play some real levels.

As promised, I played some real levels today. Unfortunately, while the game was fun, it lacked a strong draw.

Overall, Hoard seems like a simplified version of Warcraft/Starcraft, but instead of producing many workers to farm resources and producing troops to fight, the player just collects gold and attacks with a single dragon.

As such, Hoard is a relatively casual real-time strategy game and could be a game which casual gamers enjoy. I, however, will pass.