Video Game Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (PC) (2012)

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (PC) (2012)

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In Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit you play as a rabbit who is the Prince of Hell. Unfortunately, due to some leaked photos, you have been called out as a pussy. Looking to exact revenge and reclaim the photos, you head out to kill various occupants of Hell.

Progress in the game is made by killing the necessary number of mini-bosses in order to open doors which block your way. As such, your goal is to seek out these mini-bosses (well-indicated on your mini-map) and defeat them.

[20141223 Edit]
I remember wanting to play Hell Yeah! when I first heard about it. But after I obtained it in a Humble Bundle, I never had the chance to try it. With so many games, it can be hard to decide which game to play.

However, I recently implemented various Steam categories that help facilitate in the decision making! At first, I divided games into "Completed", "Played", "To Play Next", "To Play Soon (10)", and "Unknown." One by one, I also added "To Play Next (Bigger Sized)", "(10) More Games to Try", and "(10) Most Likely to Play."

In any case, with that system in place, I've been hitting a lot of games that have sat idle in my library which I have wanted to try and I'm absolutely glad I got around to Hell Yeah!

With sharp, vibrant environments and artwork, Hell Yeah! is both hilarious and fun to play.

Introducing new mechanics one at a time, the game constantly feels fresh and the lack of pauses subconsciously pushes you to continue playing. In fact, this concept in game design is often the difference between becoming addicted to a game and simply throwing it aside.

At first, the player needs to deal reduce a mini-boss's health to zero. However, after getting their health to zero, an event driven finishing blow occurs (some are quick-time, others have infinite time), and, if completed successfully, a finishing blow occurs. While some of these killing blows will begin to repeat, there are a bountiful amount of distinct events and the animation is satisfying to watch (cartoon-styled gore). I absolutely love the event-driven finishing blows against mini-bosses (check out the screenshots).

Overall, I am definitely adding Hell Yell! to my "Complete Eventually" category.