Video Game Fist Puncher (PC) (2013)

Fist Puncher (PC) (2013)

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Fist Puncher is a retro-styled brawler. With many distinct characters to pick from (four to start with), make your way through the city and save the beauty pageants!

Fist Puncher is a solid brawler with lots of moves and replay value. If you enjoy brawlers, then I would highly recommend Fist Puncher. In particular, Fist Puncher does a great job of capturing the look of older, more classic brawlers, so if you like retro, then check out Fist Puncher.

From what I've played thus far, Fist Puncher is a decent amount of fun.

One thing I like about the game is the number of moves available to unlock.

Unfortunately, I think it can also be hard to remember which keys (and key combinations) trigger which moves.

Yay! We saved a beauty pageant.
In any case, I like the game's retro style and would eventually like to try this game with two, three, and/or four players.

Today my friends and I played four-player Fist Puncher! While initially we jumped into one of the harder levels, I quickly realized this wouldn't work and we went back to the first few levels where my friends could level their characters.

World Map/Level Select.
While we had four controllers, one of the four failed to be recognized and so I decided to play on a keyboard. Unfortunately, the game only provides move combinations in terms of gamepad buttons and this diminished my contribution to the brawl.

With that being said, the four-player experience was still quite fun. Among my three friends, one praised Fist Puncher as being one of the best brawlers he's played, comparing it to the classic beat'em up River City Ransom (1989).

One of the other three (a fan of The Simpsons), contested that The Simpsons Arcade Game (1991) was one of the best brawlers and is much better than Fist Puncher. While I would agree that Fist Puncher has its weaknesses, it gives a lot more fighting options and unique characters than The Simpsons. Of course, there's no arguing The Simpsons is a classic arcade game.