Video Game Electronic Super Joy (PC) (2013)

Electronic Super Joy (PC) (2013)

Overview: Upbeat and fast-paced, mildly difficult platformer.

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Electronic Super Joy is a platformer which puts an emphasis on speed and difficulty via movement (like Super Meat Boy) as opposed to collecting coins, killing enemies, or getting high scores (like Hell Yeah!, Rayman Origins, or Super Mario).

Between the two types of games, I find the type which focuses on speed and difficulty to be more fun.

Thus far, Electronic Super Joy distinguishes itself from other platformers I've played with its music and aesthetics. Actually, some of the platforming mechanisms (use of arrows, enemies, and portals) are also quite novel - at least for me.

In any case, while I only got to play the game for about twenty minutes, I have a positive opinion of it, would recommend it to anybody who likes the style and difficulty of Super Meat Boy, and definitely look forward to playing the game again.

For now, I will resume watching IEM San Jose. Go Cloud 9!

Today I played 2.1 hours of Electronic Super Joy. I played with my gamepad, picked up from where I left off (the eight level of World One - Pretty in Pink), and played until the tenth level of World Three.

By the end of the two hours, my palms were a bit sweaty. Fortunately my controller has nice side grips. With that being said, the next time I got to a hard level I immediately stopped playing after I died.