Video Game DLC Quest (PC) (2013)

DLC Quest (PC) (2013)*
*DLC Quest (XBLIG) (2011)
DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die (PC) (2013)

Pokes fun at games which require grinding.
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DLC Quest

I played DLC Quest today and finished it in a little over half an hour. (36 min)

While short, the game was fun and would be a fun game to speedrun. In fact, the game even has the option to keep a timer ticking on the screen!

Nothing like covering your horse in swag.
Note that the game also has a second campaign, an expansion pack called DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die, but I decided to leave it for later.

Time to save the day.
Overall, I would just reiterate that despite the game being short, I enjoyed it's humor and would recommend it to others.

DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die

Today at 11:30PM PT I decided to play the second campaign of DLC Quest.

I beat the boss in an hour, but failed to find everything. First I found all the coins and still needed to find two DLC.

Undead sheep (a reference to the first campaign)
Eventually I found one of them, but I didn't know where to find the objective for it (DLC Man). I recall at this point I beat the boss again to see my game progression. This ended at about the 90 min mark.

Pokes fun at online games with server timeouts.
After beating the boss, I looked almost everywhere for the DLC Man. After believing I had looked everywhere, I gave up and went looking through a walkthrough.

Pokes fun at RPG games that require the player to collect an array of items. Among the objectives is a pickaxe, which is the reason for collecting the objectives in the first place.
I used it to find the following three items:
1) "Cheat" Awardment.

2) Location of the last DLC.
3) Location of the DLC Man.

You know what they say about game characters with big swords...'s physically impossible.
This meant I had found all I had needed to find and so, for one last time, I went to fight the boss. This ended at about the 105 minute mark.

Overall, the second campaign was harder than the first campaign (in regards to achieving 100%) and I'm leaning towards liking the first campaign more than the second.