Video Game CreaVures (PC) (2011)

CreaVures (PC) (2011)

Meet Bitey, he has a strong bite.
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CreaVures is a puzzle platformer which plays like classic puzzle platformer The Lost Vikings (1992). With each creature having its own set of powers, the player must switch between them and get them all to the exit.

Pokey doesn't know how to cross the gap.
While the game has a nice visual look to it, it can sometimes feel sluggish. As such, I would instead recommend either The Cave (2013) or Trine (2009).

[20150106 Edit]
Today I played this game (on normal) and thought it had a cute introduction.

Ah! Pokey can swing on Bitey's tail.
In any case, I began by playing the Tutorial levels and continued playing the Forest Floor levels.

While the game was initially fun, I eventually got bored and didn't see a reason to continue playing. Having stopped after levle 2 of 3 in Forest Floor, I had only been introduced to two characters: Bitey and Pokey. 10:56PM PT

Pokey can climb certain walls on his own, leaving spikes in them for Pokey to follow.
Random Thought: Given the choice between playing Lucidity (PC) (2009) and playing CreaVures, then I'd play Lucidity.