Video Game The Bridge (PC) (2013)

The Bridge (PC) (2013)

Rotate a level and try to get to the door.
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The Bridge is a puzzle game that is absolutely mind-bending! Think outside the box as you rotate the world you occupy in order to complete each level and progress through the game.

Watch out for deadly balls which are just waiting to crush you.
I've been avoiding this game for a while now: not because its bad, I just haven't been in the mood for a difficult puzzle game. Technically I wasn't even in the mood for two simple puzzle games I ran into recently (LYNE and KAMI), but I didn't know they were puzzle games until I started playing them.

Sometimes, you should hang out in a vortex.
With that being said, I finally decided to give this game a go and my first impression of it is extremely positive.

Throughout this game, I kept thinking of puzzle platformer Braid (2009). In fact, it was so similar that I slowly convinced myself that it had to have been made by the same people who made Braid.

This puzzle makes use of inversion. Go in one end and pop out the other.
Your color also reverses: from black to white and vice versa.
The first striking similarity is in the character design and artwork. The second striking similarity is that each stage contains six levels that are accessed by doors. As it turns out, while the game has strong similarities to Braid, these similarities are simply a result of The Bridge being Braid-inspired and there is no connection via any writers or developers.

Even accessing the levels requires a bit of puzzling.
Before wrapping up, it should be noted that the game's puzzle mechanics are distinct from those found in Braid (except for a rewind mechanism for when you mess up, but you can also do that in Toki Tori (2010)). As such, if you liked Braid, then you should definitely give The Bridge a try. Of course, Braid is a much better game than The Bridge.

One of the stranger pictures.