Video Game Ballpoint Universe: Infinite (PC) (2013)

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite (PC) (2013)

Melee for the win.
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Ballpoint Universe: Infinite is a 2D side-scrolling shooter whose artwork is done with a ballpoint pen. Earn 'ink' as you play and spend it on ship upgrades!

Like Lume and its beautiful paper and cardboard set, Ballpoint Universe: Infinite creates a unique and wonderful art design with a ballpoint pen.

While the game's mechanics are straightforward, the ship's power at the beginning of the game is limited and the player has to be willing to overcome this initial time investment before the game becomes reasonable.

Purchasing a ship upgrade.
Overall, the artwork and game style are good reasons to get the game, but the gameplay may not be novel enough for everybody. The game's mechanics are a bit hit-or-miss and as a whole the game may not come together as well as say 2D side-scrolling shooter Who's That Flying?.

20141211: [20150209]
Collecting 'ink' just to upgrade your ship is a bit tedious and results in time not well spent.

One of the tougher bosses.
While the collection of points in order to upgrade a ship has also been used in other shooters (e.g., Beat Hazard, Really Big Sky), it's one that I don't really enjoy.

Fortunately, with Ballpoint Universe, the initial investment before one can start enjoying the game is reasonable (it was unimportant with Beat Hazard and a turnoff with Really Big Sky).

The melee weapon of Ballpoint Universe is initially superior to the ranged weapon, and important to surviving and collecting 'ink' at the start of the game.

There is also a little bit of exploration to be had on the main screen, but I personally got a little lost. I should have mapped it out. When I get the chance, I'll map it out below.

Double melee, for the win.
In any case, I definitely enjoyed my first experience with the game.

Today I experimented with wielding two melee weapons, with one of the two having a decent range. This was a pretty strong strategy, because the range of the melee weapons goes perfectly with collecting Ink with the magnet.

I also tried using the shield alongside a melee weapon, but didn't find it as fun or effective as the double melee and magnet strat.