Video Game Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (PC) (2012)

Overview: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator gives players the chance to feel like they're a crew working together to pilot a spaceship. For the most part, you and your friends will feel like you're on the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise. Assign roles such as Captain, Helm, and Weapons and work together to explore space.

Setup: As of 20170512, I don't completely remember the setup. I advised as many of my friends to bring laptops as possible. Besides the additional laptops, I provided a desktop computer which ran the main screen on the big screen television and an additional console. I also provided a laptop to be used as an additional console. I might have also provided an older laptop for the Captain's screen. With the two ship setup, I probably brought in an extra LCD television screen.

20141220 11pm to 4am:
Game 1:
Difficulty: 1Artemis
Scenario: SiegeLight Cruiser*/Warp Drive*
Terrain: FewCaptain - Tim
Lethal Terrain: NoneHelm - Thomas
Friendly Ships: NoneWeapons - Josh
Monsters: FewComms & Science - Steph
Anomalies: FewEngineering - Michael
Time Limit: 00
*Not listed in my notes, assumed.

Post Game Comments:
An issue we had was not knowing the effect of transferring energy to torpedo and vice versa.

We discussed what the effects of Engineering had on other components.

We thought perhaps Comms & Science was too hectic, and that maybe Weapons & Comms should be combined instead.

Game 2:
Difficulty: 1Flying Toaster
Scenario: SiegeLight Cruiser*/Warp Drive
Terrain: FewCaptain - Thomas
Lethal Terrain: FewHelm - Tim
Friendly Ships: FewWeapons - Michael
Monsters: SomeComms & Science - Josh
Anomalies: SomeEngineering - Steph
Time Limit: 00
*Listed in my notes as "Standard"

In Game Comments:
Lol, they were hiding in the nebula.

Post Game Comments:
Steph was an energy saving engineer.

Game 3:
Difficulty: 7Nyan Cat
Scenario: ?Battleship/Jump Drive
Terrain: ?Captain - Steph
Lethal Terrain: ?Helm - Josh
Friendly Ships: ?Weapons - Tim
Monsters: ?Comms & Science - Michael
Anomalies: ?Engineering - Thomas
Time Limit: ?

Post Game Comments:
Facing a particular direction was confusing. Getting/understanding coordinates is key.

Game 4:
Same settings as Game 3 but with a lower difficulty.

Post Game Comments:
Lol, we used the jump drive to jump right into a mine.

Game 5:
Difficulty: ?Lemon Drop
Scenario: Border WarMissile Cruiser/Warp Drive
Terrain: ?Captain - Michael
Lethal Terrain: ?Helm - Thomas
Friendly Ships: ?Weapons - Josh
Monsters: ?Comms & Science - Steph
Anomalies: ?Engineering - Tim
Time Limit: ?
*This crew is closest to the first, except with Michael and me switched.

Post Game Comments:
After 90 minutes we committed suicide because it was getting late (4am).

Both the Weapons and Science position seemed to have lulls in play.

Maybe our ship used Comms heavily to move other ships around, etc.

The Engineering position was easier as I made more and more presets.

Change of the main screen changes during the lulls. I guess that's something we didn't focus on much this round.

Michael was probably the most animated Captain and really got into the role.

Overall Comments:
Separate from any one mission, and having read a lot of the wiki suggestions, I had noticed a lot when my friends unnecessarily said 'Thank you.' On the bridge, you just ask to get things done. I didn't, however, bring this up, I just observed.

Printing out all the info would be helpful, but I think for the first couple of runs, just seeing a little of each position without details was good.

The next day I thought that maybe the addition of the Captain's screen took away from the help of Weapons having to be in charge of pulling up various displays. Instead, without the Captain's screen, then the Captain can request Weapons to pull such a display up.

Nukes are powerful, but can be dangerous because of the range of the explosion. If possible, ensure that all friendly ships are out of range.

On Reddit, a user suggested that Helms and Engineering benefit from keyboard controls while Comms, Science, and Weapons are suited for touch controls.

Ideas for Two Ships:
I've been trying to think of a good setup for two ships. With eight people, maybe each ship can have a Captain/Comms, Helms, Weapons/Science, and Engineering.

One post I read said Helms, Weapons, and Engineering are not good to combine. This leave Captain, Comms, and Science to be moved about.

Agreeing, a possible six person setup for two ships could consist of Captain/Helms, Weapons/Science, and Engineering/Comms per ship.

Idea for Hardware:
Yesterday at noon I was hankering to buy a joystick just for this game! However, I ultimately resisted the urge.

+ Bridge simulator
+ Lots of potential for fun with friends
+ One license of Artemis can be copied to multiple devices for the purpose of playing as a group.

~ Setup is theoretically simple, but requires a sufficient number of devices

- Medium to high learning curve
- While it might take three or less experienced players to run a single ship, it'll take about five or six inexperienced players to run one and gathering four or five friends isn't always easy.

Playing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with my friends was satisfying, and the fact that we played from 11pm at night to 4am in the morning was a clear indication of that. Overall, I would highly recommend Artemis to anyone who's ever dreamed of being part of a space bridge crew.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (PC) (2012)

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