Video Game KAMI (Android) (2014)

KAMI (Android) (2014)

Overview: A puzzle game where the player needs to convert a piece of paper with many colored regions into one with a single colored region. On each turn, the player selects a color and selects a region of a different to convert. Convert the regions strategically and try to use as few turns as possible!

One of the beginning puzzles.
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Today I played Kami for the first time. I didn't, however, play for long and only finished the first few puzzles.

I resumed playing today and got all the way to the last level of page C.

Here you can see the final (and seventh) move. I had selected red and tapped the white region. The game executes an animation where the paper unfolds out from the point of contact.
Unfortunately I got stuck on that level and couldn't get a "Perfect!"

Today I managed to get past the level that was giving me trouble, go through page D, and played the first four levels of page E. I did, however, leave some of the levels at "OK" instead of "Perfect!"

Today I finished all the puzzles, but with some of them still on "OK." I then I started going back and figuring out the "Perfect!" solutions.

Was stuck on this puzzle on 20141118.
By the end of the play session, I succeeded getting "Perfect!" for all the puzzles but one.

Thinking backwards, I finally figured out how to do the last puzzle that I was stuck on. I reasoned that blue needs to be last, brown needs to be second to last, then red, then orange, and off we go! 2:10AM PT

Hooray, I completed the game with "Perfect!" on all 54 puzzles!

Was stuck on this puzzle on 20141120.